Amazon’s Kindles are the gold standard for e-readers, and most models are discounted during Prime Day. In some cases, these are the best deals we’ve seen since Black Friday, and we don’t expect to see deeper discounts on this hardware until the holiday shopping season kicks off in November. 

If you’ve never used a Kindle before, we’ve broken down the differences between all three models below for your convenience. For an even more in-depth look at Amazon’s e-readers, we recommend checking out our full guide on the best e-readers. You can save an extra 20 percent on any of the Kindles below by trading in an older model, which makes Prime Day the perfect time to upgrade. 

Remember, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to take advantage of these deals, and you can sign up for a free 30-day trial if you haven’t tried the service yet.

Kindle, $44.99 (Was $89.99)


Amazon’s entry-level Kindle is the best e-reader you’ll find for under $100, and it’s an even better value right now. This Kindle has a 6-inch e-ink display, which won’t reflect light like the LCD screen on your phone or tablet, so you can read in direct sunlight. 

It has 8 GB of storage — enough to hold thousands of books, or a dozen audiobooks — and a battery that’ll last for up to four weeks on a single charge. If you read in the dark, you’ll appreciate the four back lights that illuminate this Kindle’s screen to make reading in dim environments much easier on your eyes.

If you’ve never used an e-reader before, the entry-level Kindle is a great place to start, especially at its Prime Day price.

Kindle Paperwhite, $94.99 (Originally $139.99)


The Kindle Paperwhite has all the features that make Amazon’s entry-level e-reader great with some welcome extra features. The biggest difference is the Kindle Paperwhite’s 6.8-inch display, which is both larger and sharper-looking than the standard Kindle. Text looks surprisingly paper-like on the Paperwhite’s digital screen.

Amazon designed the current-generation Kindle Paperwhite to be both waterproof and dustproof, so you can take it to the beach or read in the bath without hesitation. Nighttime readers will benefit from the Paperwhite’s 17 LEDs, which light its display more evenly than the four-light array on the entry-level Kindle, and the ability to adjust the screen’s color temperature. If we could only recommend one e-reader, it’d be the Kindle Paperwhite, and it’s a no-brainer at its Prime Day price.

Kindle Oasis, $209.99 (Originally $299.99)

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s premium e-reader, and Amazon’s Prime Day discount brings it down to a much more reasonable price for voracious digital book readers. 

The Oasis’ key features are its huge 7-inch display, and the physical page-turn buttons that allow you to advance through your book without swiping or tapping a screen. If you’d like to use a Kindle single-handedly, the Oasis is your best bet. Its tapered design allows you to grip the e-reader more easily, which makes holding it for an extended period of time a lot simpler. 

This Kindle is completely waterproof, so you can read near the water without any worries. If you prefer reading before bed, but don’t want to keep the light on, the Oasis’ 25 LED backlights will allow you to dial in the perfect level of brightness for your eyes. The Kindle Oasis is an ultra-luxe e-reader, but Amazon’s Prime Day discount makes it a lot easier to justify.

Kindle Kid's Edition, $49.99 (Was $109.99)

The Kindle Kids e-reader is the perfect way to satisfy the literary appetite of a voracious young reader. Hardware wise, the e-reader is identical to the standard entry-level Kindle, but it comes with a couple of added bonuses.

The first is a two-year "worry-free guarantee," which is a warranty that covers accidental damage. Amazon understands that kids may be a little more careless with their tech, and accounted for that. The store also chose to bundle the Kindle Kids e-reader with a case, which will protect its screen when it's not in use. The cases come in a couple of different colors and patterns, which gives them a fun look that may help grab a kid's attention.

Finally, the Kindle Kids e-reader comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, a service that gives children access to a wide library of classic books, including the entire Harry Potter series. Kids can download a library's worth of books without asking adults for their credit card information, or being limited by the digital books accessible at their local library. The service costs $4.99 after the year is up, which is still less than the price of one e-book per month.

Tablets have become the gadget de jour for kids, but this Kindle is a distraction-free tool that can encourage them to read more. That makes it a worthwhile investment at any price, but a steal at $49.99 for Prime Day.

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