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At Futurism, we cover the world of emergent technology and cutting-edge science that will change the world of tomorrow, today — the breakthroughs that will affect not just individuals, the citizens of the world, but entire societies, if not civilizations. From artificial intelligence to renewable energy, from quantum computing to off-world transportation, these are the news stories and perspectives from the horizon of discovery, the awe-inducing narratives that the code of the future will be written in as they unfold before us in the language of news today. This is Futurism.

Objectivity, Transparency, and Ethics

Futurism is written and reported on a foundation of journalism’s bedrock principles. Our core news product — which includes but isn’t limited to original reporting, news contextualizing, perspective pieces, sensibility stories, and opinion pieces — is assigned, written, edited, and published free of influence from anyone outside our core editorial team and content director. Employees involved in advertising or business development, and senior stakeholders including company owners and investors do not have any hand or authority over the content we publish. Sponsored content, advertising, and partner posts are clearly labeled as such.

Our readers’ belief in our clearheaded news coverage is our core value, and as such, we strive to maintain complete transparency over everything from reporting processes to corrections and conflicts of interest (with respective disclosures to our audience as they’re merited). Any relationships that might appear to influence our coverage — personal, professional, financial — are disclosed without discretion.

Our reporting also strives to maintain the integrity of our sources, both original or when cited from another publication. For our original reporting, we employ on-record sourcing as a rule, and only defer to background or off-record reporting when absolutely necessary, and when we do, the reason for the source’s need for discretion is explained. Futurism’s editors and writers work to independently verify the trustworthiness and veracity of all claims made in our own reporting, or the reporting we cite — and we qualify them if we can’t, but still find them material to a published piece.

Chief among Futurism’s values is egalitarianism, both in our published work as well as our work culture. We welcome and foster space for open, safe, respectful dialogue and discussion among our readership and our team, as well as the greater science and technology community. We are constantly working towards creating a diverse publication, speaking to a multilateral, multicultural readership that reflects the world we live in, in all of its diversity.

Accuracy and Accountability

At Futurism, everything we publish is either edited at least once, or published by a designated editor, each of whom are accountable for the accuracy and reliability of the facts, sourcing, and quality of each story. When errors happen, we strive to let our readers know exactly what they were, how they were made, and what the appropriate fix was when issuing a correction. Stories that merit corrections include incorrect facts and figures, or anything that was known at press time that is presented incorrectly within the context of a given story — and readers will be notified of said correction at the top of the body text of the story in question.

Our Editorial Team

Led by content director Foster Kamer, the award-winning Futurism editorial team has collectively worked at or contributed to publications including The New York Times, theWall Street Journal, New York Magazine,The New York Times Magazine, Wired,the Boston Globe, Vox, Esquire, and more. You can find the full masthead here.