Scientists Are Developing a Vaccine That Could Prevent Tooth Decay

Your smile could be getting an extra layer of protection.

10 hours ago

Chinese Smartphone Maker Promises to Outdo Apple With “The Real AI Phone”

We'll find out how the Mate 10 measures up on October 16.

10 hours ago

The ExoLife Finder Telescope Could Revolutionize the Search for Life on Exoplanets

It's first exoplanet up will be Proxima b in the Proxima Centauri star system.

10 hours ago

Watch: The Sound of Hydrogen

It's like the sound of silence... only louder.

11 hours ago

Genetic Engineering Could Allow Us to Treat or Even Prevent Obesity

This could make it easier to lose unwanted weight.

12 hours ago

Underground Tunnels, Flying Cars, and More — This Is How We’ll Beat Traffic in the Future

4 futuristic ways to beat traffic

12 hours ago

Intel Can Provide Waymo’s Vehicles with the Power to Reach Full Autonomy

Waymo's autonomous cars have already processed over 3 million miles using Intel technology.

12 hours ago

Bitcoin Was Just Used to Pay for a New Home in Texas

It's the first bitcoin-only real estate transaction.

13 hours ago

Data From NASA’s Fifth HI-SEAS Isolation Mission Will Influence Who Goes to Mars

The team needs to have the right mix of personalities to get through the mission.

13 hours ago

Predict the Future

When will we develop instant pain relief?

New York Is the First City to Require Building Owners to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By 2035, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 7 percent citywide.

13 hours ago

DARPA’s Autonomous System Can Fly and Land a Helicopter with Just a Tablet

Self-driving helicopters are here.

13 hours ago

Google’s New Payment App Uses Ultrasonic Frequencies to Transfer Cash

The mobile payment app, called Tez, was launched in India for iOS and Android devices.

14 hours ago

Wear Your Screen on Your Sleeve…

FlexEnable is an organic liquid crystal display screen that can bend around objects and even be worn like a watch.

September 16, 2017

You Can Now Trade “Tokenized” U.S. Dollars on the Ethereum Network

This could change how banking works.

September 16, 2017

Nine Pictures That Show How Climate Change Is Impacting Earth

These pictures show how devastating human activity has been to our planet.

September 16, 2017

A Professor Has Become the First Person to Donate His Entire Genome Sequence to the Public

Making this data public could lead to medical treatment tailored to individual patients.

September 16, 2017

Watch: Why Superhydrophobic Materials Never Get Wet

The chemistry behind this is pretty cool.

September 15, 2017

This New Vaccine Technology Could Make Multiple Injections a Thing of the Past

Can you get all of your vaccines in one shot?

September 15, 2017

90 Percent of Vehicles in the U.S. Could Be Electric by the Early 2040s

A new study projects that fast adoption of EVs could make them the norm within a little over a decade.

September 15, 2017

Here Are the Ten Winning Route Proposals from Hyperloop One’s Global Challenge

The company will now investigate the feasibility of the suggested routes.

September 15, 2017

Watch: 10 Things We Didn’t Know 100 Years Ago

We've made an astounding amount of scientific progress.

September 15, 2017

How Diseases Can Be Targeted Using Nanotechnology – and Why It’s Difficult

A nanoparticle in the lab is one thing, but a nanoparticle interacting with blood, cells and tissues is another.

September 15, 2017
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