Prepare Yourself for the “Tsunami of Data” Expected to Hit by 2025

Experts suggest that by this year, data could consume 1/5 of all electricity.

13 hours ago

Georgia Tech’s New Prosthetic Arm Enables Amputees to Control Each Individual Finger

"By using this new technology, the arm can detect which fingers an amputee wants to move, even if they don't have fingers."

14 hours ago

A Power Plant Joining the Grid in 2018 Burns Natural Gas with No Emissions

Their plant uses CO2 to efficiently and cleanly generate electricity.

14 hours ago

Electric Car Range May Soon Triple, Thanks to New Research

A new breakthrough in lithium metal could forever change transportation and emissions.

15 hours ago

Edible Food Packaging May End Plastic Waste for Good

Casein-based film is 500 times better at keeping oxygen away from food than plastic.

15 hours ago

We’ve Finally Recorded the Earth’s Mysterious Song

"It's like taking a piano and slamming all the keys at the same time."

15 hours ago

In the Future, the Meat You Eat Won’t Come From Living Organisms

The future of meat may not exactly be ... meat.

17 hours ago

Who Would Have Thought Your Pancreas Could Be Causing Your Digestive Issues?

Most people don’t even know what the pancreas does, let alone how important it is to your digestive health. If your pancreas doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes to break down your food, you may have a little-known GI condition, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). Watch to learn more, and talk to your doctor.

17 hours ago

NASA Is Hosting a Conference to Detail a Major Alien Planet Discovery

Google played a part in the space agency’s latest discovery.

18 hours ago

Life At Sea? Six Futuristic Homes That Will Protect You From Climate Change

From floating islands to amphibious yachts, these pads are designed to keep you safe.

18 hours ago

Global E-Waste Increased by Eight Percent since 2014

Your discarded computers, solar panels, refrigerators, and more could be worth over $60 billion.

18 hours ago

Trump Just Signed a Directive to Send US Astronauts to the Moon

But it's still unclear exactly how they'll get there.

December 11, 2017

Everyone in the World Should Be Taxed on Their Energy Footprint

The elite should have to pay for their lifestyle.

December 9, 2017

Europe’s Power Suppliers Plan to Go Carbon-Neutral “Well Before” 2050

Eurelectric represents 3,500 power companies across the continent.

December 7, 2017

Changes to National Monuments Could Benefit the Fossil Fuel Industry

Cuts to protected areas might lead to coal mining and oil drilling.

December 7, 2017

California Is Working to Ban Gas-Powered Cars by 2040

"Until you set a deadline, nothing gets done."

December 7, 2017

A New CRISPR Technique Reverses Diseases in Mice

And it does so without cutting DNA.

December 7, 2017

Architects Created a Foldable House That Can Withstand Earthquakes

And three people can build it in just hours.

December 7, 2017

New Gene Therapy Could Regenerate Brain Tissue, Fix Neurological Diseases

Genetic modification can repopulate the brain's supply of immune cells.

December 7, 2017

UN Asserts That We Have Entered a “Planetary Crisis”

Plastic waste in the ocean is almost indistinguishable from jellyfish, a major food source for sea turtles — a mistake that can prove fatal.

December 7, 2017

The IPCC May Have Underestimated Future Warming Trends

A new study says the more-severe climate model predictions could be the most accurate.

December 7, 2017
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