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We’re Futurism, a Recurrent Ventures media company, based out of New York City. Futurism was started off a Knight Foundation grant in 2017 — it’s grown from an infographic on a subreddit into a trusted news source read by millions all over the world every month. Since then, our mission: To provide readers a window into the news and stories of tomorrow, today.


We’re a small, award-winning independent team of reporters and writers, who pride ourselves on a commitment to accuracy and ethics in journalism, and publish our news and features entirely free of editorial interference from our parent company.

Content Director Foster Kamer


Executive Editor Jon Christian
Senior Editor Victor Tangermann
Staff Writers Noor Al-Sibai, Maggie Harrison
Contributors Frank Landymore, Sharon Adarlo


Director of Design Tag Hartman-Simkins


Senior Audience Development Director Paul Sarconi


General Manager Adam Morath
Publisher Emeritus James Del
Founder Alex Klokus


We cover the market-moving and world-shaking technological and scientific developments changing the world. This isn’t a site to read about personal or “retail” technologies. On Futurism, you’ll find news about the titans of industry changing the world (and possibly, the worlds beyond ours), as well as the developments of the emergent innovations that will affect every single one of our lives — if they don’t already.

The vast majority of what you’ll see on the site is news-oriented; we also publish features, interviews, and the occasional opinion piece. We strive to provide readers not just with news, but the smart sensibility and gimlet-eyed perspective they won’t find anywhere else. We’re supported by advertising revenue, and the occasional bit of commerce revenue (earned through commissions on posts supplied by a non-news editorial team).

Futurism’s website is currently divided into three sections:

  • The Latest, which you can find via our homepage. These are our larger stories and features.
  • Then, there’s The Byte, our flash-news column, which features the latest breaking updates, cutting-edge intelligence, and key analysis on all things future-forward.
  • Finally, there’s Neoscope, our medical technology and medical science blog, where all of our news breaks and features about the future of health, human bodies, and medicine can be found.

If you’d like to see what kinds of things we cover, take a look at our topics page, where you can navigate between individual coverage areas on the site.

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