Future Society

Technology allows us to live longer, work less, and know more than ever before. But what will our not so future society do once most of our labor force is replaced by computers or robots? Who has the final say in how knowledge is used and who has access to it? These questions are just a snapshot of the issues we will have to face in the future. We’ll track the policies, predictions, and philosophies that are steering us into the world of tomorrow.

Latest Stories

Yuge Losses
May 21, 5:02 PM EDT on the byte
Donald Trump's "Truth Social" Admits It Lost $327 Million This Quarter
Shake Shock
May 21, 12:44 PM EDT on the byte
Turbulence Kills Passenger on Boeing Jet, Puts Seven in Critical Condition
May 20, 2:31 PM EDT on the byte
Man Steals Cybertruck, Leads Cops on World's Lamest Car Chase
Sky Nyet
May 18, 12:56 PM EDT on the byte
OpenAI Researcher Quits, Flames Company for Axing Team Working to Prevent Superintelligent AI From Turning Against Humankind
Better Drink My O...
May 18, 9:30 AM EDT on futurism
Mad Scientists Build "Dune"-Inspired Stillsuit That Can Recycle Sweat
Hang Ups
May 18, 8:00 AM EDT on the byte
Scientists Invent Evil Way to Cut Screen Time: App That Makes Your Phone More and More Annoying to Use the Longer You're On It
Line Go Down
May 17, 2:55 PM EDT on the byte
GameStop Stock Is Crashing Catastrophically After Meme Hype
Free Willy
May 16, 6:00 PM EDT on the byte
Crew Still Stranded Aboard Ship in Baltimore Nearly Two Months After Bridge Disaster
Bait and Switch
May 16, 10:58 AM EDT on the byte
Gannett Staff Furious Over Contract Allowing AI “to Generate News Content”
Nasty Nomenclature
May 15, 7:30 PM EDT on futurism
We Regret to Inform You That The Spinning “Loading” Icon Is Actually Called a “Throbber”
Portal to Hell
May 14, 3:30 PM EDT on the byte
"Portal" Between Dublin and NYC Shut Down After OnlyFans Model Flashes It
Another Executive...
May 14, 10:24 AM EDT on the byte
Head of Cybertruck Manufacturing Mysteriously Leaves Tesla