While scientists are still working on NASA's newest space capsule, others are more concerned with the small stuff: coffee mugs with heart rates and crypto scams on Twitter. What do they have in common? You guessed it — they're about tech. Here's what else caught our interest:

The US Government Wants to Allow Fully Autonomous Vehicles on US Roads. The Department of Transportation just released an 80-page document outlining its plans for regulating fully autonomous vehicles.

Fake Elon Musks Clutter Twitter with Crypto Scams. Twitter scams are running amok, and the platform can't shut them down. That's not great news for users, for Elon Musk, or for the midterms.

This Brain-Analyzing AI Could Kill Your Dream of Being a Professional Athlete. Researchers created a machine learning system that looks at brain activity to determine a person's skill level at a certain task.

Lockheed Engineers Are Using HoloLens to Build NASA's New Space Capsule. Lockheed Martin engineers are using Microsoft's HoloLens to speed up construction of NASA's next space capsule by showing technicians the next step.

Fitness Trackers Say This Coffee Cup Has a Pulse. Wait, What? Chinese website Abacus found that a toilet paper roll had a pulse using Xiaomi's latest fitness tracker. The reason why is not as surprising as you think.

Ford Patent Would Let You Steer Your Car by Tilting Your Phone. A new Ford patent describes a control system that would let a driver steer a car by tilting or swiping their smartphone.

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