Elon Musk got away with a $20 million fine for himself and his electric car company Tesla. Even with "Mad Max" mode engaged, he couldn't race away from the chaos he left behind fast enough.

E-cigarette smoke is not permitted on board the Hyperloop, please stash them in your check-in luggage after your compulsory face scan.

Read on to see what else has been going on in tech in the last seven days.

Hackers Accessed 50 Million Facebook Accounts. Hackers accessed data from nearly 50 million Facebook accounts. The company does not know who was behind the attack.

You Can Now Navigate a US Airport Terminal Using Just Your Face as ID. At the first biometric terminal in the U.S., travelers will have the ability to use facial recognition tech to identify themselves.

Actually, Elon Staying at Tesla Is the Best Case Scenario. As per a settlement with the Securities and Exchanges Commission, Elon Musk is stepping down as chairman of Tesla but staying on at CEO. That's best case scenario for the electric car company.

Here's What It's like to Drive with Tesla’s New "Mad Max" Autopilot Mode. A Tesla driver posted two videos of his vehicle in Mad Max mode, a new setting that increases the aggressiveness of lane changes.

The FDA Just Raided the Headquarters of E-Cigarette Maker JUUL. The FDA just announced it raided the headquarters of popular e-cigarette maker Juul for selling vapes to underage users. And they got plenty of warnings.

The First Full-Scale Hyperloop Passenger Capsule Has Arrived. At a ceremony in Spain, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies unveiled Quintero One, the first full-sized hyperloop passenger capsule.

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