Would you be OK with a caterpillar robot crawling all over your insides, even if it meant it would deliver helpful medications in the process? That might be a choice you have to make in the future. To glimpse what else we've seen in our crystal ball, read on.

Scientists Want to Put a Horrifying Caterpillar Robot Inside Your Body. Researchers in Hong Kong have invented a robot that looks like a caterpillar. It's designed to travel through your body and release drugs.

Should Coma Patients Live or Die? Machine Learning Will Help Decide. An algorithm is helping Chinese researchers determine if a coma patient will wake up again.

This “Flying Sports Car” Is Like a Giant Drone You Can Ride In. This week, Philippine inventor Kyxz Mendiola took his Koncepto Milenya, a flying sports car prototype, out for its first public test flight.

These Robots Weave Super Durable Fiberglass Structures So Humans Don’t Have To. MIT researchers have created Fiberbots, autonomous robots that can weave fiberglass into tall tubes that we could one day use for construction projects.

Spotify Will Make a Playlist Based on Your DNA. Provide the results of your AncestryDNA test, and Spotify will provide a "mix of music, inspired by your origins." It's a cute idea, but nah.

Robots Are Coming for Service Jobs. Automation is eating into food and hospitality jobs. Unions are demanding measures that will protect staff from being replaced by robots.

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