Robocallers, robodogs, robo-trucks. Robots truly are the future. But they might just snap up our jobs, too.

Here's what else has fascinated us this past week in the world of tech.

IBM Built a Menacing Black Truck for “Cybersecurity Incident Response”. When a cybersecurity disaster strikes, IBM's C-TOC can roll up like a SWAT vehicle, screech to a halt, and deal with the intrusion.

Watch Boston Dynamics' Lazy Robodog March Around a Construction Site Without Helping at All. Based on a new video, Boston Dynamics's SpotMini dog-like robot may be gearing up for a career as a construction site supervisor.

A Shortage of Trained Job-Seekers Is Holding AI Back. The number of AI-trained job-seekers simply isn't high enough to meet the demand for these employees, according to a new Reuters report.

Rise of the Robocallers: Here's How We'll Avoid a Future of Scammers. Robocall scams are getting worse, and tech-based solutions are only treating the symptoms. How will we be able to weed out the good robocalls from the bad?

Uber and Lyft Caused Half of San Francisco's New Traffic Congestion Since 2010. According to a new report, Uber and Lyft combined are responsible for half of new San Francisco traffic congestion.

Panasonic's Horse-Style Blinders for Humans Are Like a Dystopian Cubicle For Your Face. Panasonic's new blinders for humans are supposed to tune out a distracting open office layout. But is it really better than having cubicle walls?

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