Billionaire CEO, fashion designer.

Make it Work, Designers

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pivoting once again. But this time, his next venture is a lot more unexpected.

Zuckerberg took to Instagram this week to reveal some dresses that he created for his daughters. According to the post, all he needed was a dream, some needle and thread, and — of course — a 3D printer.

"I love building things and recently started designing and 3D printing dresses with the girls," the billionaire wrote in the post's caption. "A few projects from the last month... (and yes, I had to learn to sew)."

And honestly? If we were to do a quick fashion review, these dresses rock. They're bright, they're fun, and they've got a very cool chainmail vibe — Joan of Arc meets Roblox meets Lisa Frank.

Hobby Guy

This isn't Zuckerberg's first foray into 3D-printed garments. Last summer, he posted a different picture of one of his daughters wearing a pink 3D-printed helmet.

Plus, the meat-smoking, boar-slaying Silicon Valley CEO is an extensively documented hobby guy. The dude just loves himself a project, whether he's building robots or nightlight alarm clocks for his wife.

Did we mention he's also very into mixed martial arts and sword fighting?

But as far as billionaire side projects go, Zuckerberg's obsessions are all pretty harmless. Other billionaires launch themselves into space inside dick-shaped rockets, or doomscroll on Twitter using multiple burner accounts.

With Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' atrocious Coachella outfit still seared into our minds, we're declaring Zuck as the unofficial winner of this season of Project Runway: Silicon Valley.

Maybe all of Meta's chaotic company pivots will ultimately make sense, and Zuckerberg will soon be 3D printing AI-generated fashion designs and selling them inside the company's dystopian Horizon Worlds.

Wouldn't that be something?

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