Another One

Rumor has it that Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has yet another burner account on Twitter. And no, we're not surprised. Just disappointed.

To recap: on Monday, the Musk-owned social media site was ablaze with the discovery of an account dubbed Elon Test, which — circumstantially — strongly appears to be a Musk-used alt account where he roleplays as his own child. Extremely weird already, but it gets even weirder when you realize that a lot of Elon Test's reply tweets are sexual in nature.

Now, according to a new scoop from Platformer's Zoë Schiffer, Elon Test isn't Musk's only supposed alt account. A source reportedly told Schiffer that Musk has another one, which he was finally able to get his hands on after his purchase of the platform last fall — and not at all, it seems, to the pleasure of the account's former owner.

"Elon Musk has another alt account, @e, that he had Twitter transfer to him shortly after the takeover," Schiffer tweeted. "I'm told the person who owned the account did not want to hand it over (the account had been hacked and suspended before due to the high value handle, and the previous owner wanted to keep it)."

Oof. That's a rough go for @e's former owner.

John Utah

At a quick glance, @e certainly looks like it could be a Musk-run account. There's no profile picture, but the user is only following three other profiles: the LAist, NASA, and the original Elon Musk.

The only thing that doesn't overtly scream Elon right away is the account's name, John Utah, which is seemingly a reference to Johnny Utah, the main character in the classic 90s film "Point Break." But, hey, everyone loves Keanu Reeves.

There also aren't any actual tweets or replies from @e, so no clues there. Maybe Elon Test is Musk's shitposting-slash-toddler-roleplaying account, while @e is his lurker? Mysteries of the billionaire brain.

Doomscroll City

Look, it's not totally uncommon for celebrities to have alt accounts. But from a new Tesla lawsuit to an FAA investigation into SpaceX to the extremely messy destruction of Twitter's verification system and more, Musk has a lot of real business problems on his plate, and he clearly spends enough time trolling on his flagship Twitter profile already. Some time off the app would probably do him — and his many ventures — some good.

That said, if we just lost $13 billion in a single day, we might need multiple profiles on which to doomscroll into oblivion, too.

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