This is super weird.

Twitter Alt

Elon Musk may have accidentally leaked his alternate Twitter account — and it's really, really weird.

The evidence so far is circumstantial, but pretty convincing. It all started when Musk tweeted a screenshot of his phone logged into Twitter, Vice reports, intended to be a showcase of the site's new subscription feature.

In addition to flexing the fact that his Twitter has nearly 25,000 paid subscribers, Musk revealed another curious detail in the seemingly innocuous screenshot: the profile picture of a secondary account he was logged into, depicting a child.

The Twitter CEO brought more attention to the alt when he replied to a tweet from one of his online acolytes, sharing a cropped version of Musk's screenshot that focused on his alt.

"You'd never guess it's me!" Musk wrote, perhaps ill-advisedly.

Mind of a Child

It only took internet sleuths on 4chan 30 minutes to find an account with a matching profile picture, according to Vice: "Elon Test," with the handle @ErmnMusk.

The account was created in November, just weeks after Musk wrapped up his acquisition of Twitter, and follows some noteworthy characters, some of whom he has interacted with personally.

Here's where it gets weird.

The child in the photo is likely Musk and former partner Claire "Grimes" Boucher's son, X Æ A-12, holding a toy rocket. Early reverse image searches of the profile picture returned nothing, Vice and Gizmodo report, suggesting it hasn't been shared elsewhere.

Is this an innocent case of a proud father sharing a picture of their kid? It doesn't look like it.

On Monday night, Elon's supposed burner tweeted that "I will finally turn 3 on May 4th!" — an alarming use of the first person for a 51-year-old man.

And the date checks out. That's indeed X Æ A-12's birthday, meaning that Musk might actually be roleplaying as a precocious version of his own ankle-biter son.

"I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs," the account wrote. "They sound so fun."

Racy Tweets

It only gets worse, as some of the account's tweets are strikingly risque for a toddler.

Take, for example, a reply in November to a sexual tweet about Caroline Ellison, the former romantic partner in crime of disgraced crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

"I 💜librarians," the account replied.

In another racy tweet, "Elon Test" asked Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylo if he liked Japanese girls. The account even replied to a Pornhub meme Musk posted on his main, asking with an embellished childlike typo if "this a real peon video."

It's downright bizarre behavior, even for Musk. If he really is masquerading as his toddler son to make jokes about adult videos, well, he'll have truly outdone himself in terms of Twitter shenanigans.

Is this really what Musk spends his spare time doing? Considering the way things are going at Twitter, it's not exactly surprising.

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