Even Connor McGregor weighed in.


Watch out, metamates. Your Eye of Sauron, Facebook-turned-Meta CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, has been doing some serious martial arts training. And considering past Facebook employees' accounts of, uh, katanas being brandished at them in-office, y'all might want to code with your head on a swivel.

Over the weekend, Zucko took to Instagram to show off his mixed martial arts moves. Honestly? We're not MMA experts, but he seems pretty good — and according to the post's comment section, a lot of fighting champs apparently agree.

Star Support

A number of famous martial artists left some positive comments on Zuck's video, where he's seen fighting actual MMA fighter Khai "The Shadow" Wu.

"Amazing!!!" wrote Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner Bernardo Faria. "Half guard, arm-bars, triangle! Super cool."

"Yo!!!" added Ireland's controversial MMA star Connor McGregor. "F****** awesome Mark!"

"Combos looking clean," wrote the official UFC account.

Hobby King

The Meta overlord, as he's proven many times in the past, has a lot of hobbies — his love for meat-smoking is a classic, which he shared with the world via Facebook Live a few years back. It's unclear whether the founder actually just likes to share what he's up to with the public, or if he's continuously trying to prove that he's an actual human — or, for that matter, that Facebook and Instagram really are places to share pictures and videos with friends, and not just a tool for Meta to monetize every aspect of our digital existences.

But we digress. Fitness is good, and it's nice to have hobbies. Still, history is often doomed to repeat itself... so metamates, beware.

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