"While he was up there we were organizing."

Sick Burn

First he got egged, now he's getting burned. Billionaire Amazon founder and Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos just isn't popular, and a viral new quote by the guy who helped lead the first Amazon warehouse to unionization perfectly captures the mood.

"We want to thank Jeff Bezos for going to space because while he was up there we were organizing a union," said organizer Chris Smalls during a press conference that journalists like Lauren Kaori Gurley covered on Twitter.

Smalls is wearing the red hat and sunglasses in the image below.

Others tweeted out images with Smalls' quote, praising him for his efforts to unionize Staten Island's JFK8 warehouse despite Amazon investing millions of dollars into a racist, anti-union campaign.

Up And Away

Of course, Smalls is referring to Bezos' commercial space flight company Blue Origin.

Bezos has been hard at working getting space tourists into his rockets and trying to make business deals with NASA. He's in a heated competition with rivals like SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic to corner the private space market.

Union Strong

It's far from a good look. While Bezos has been otherwise engaged, Amazon workers struggle with homelessness, COVID-19, and some have even died on the job.

If Bezos put half the energy, time and money spent on Blue Origin and anti-union campaigns into his employees, he could actually improve their lives.

Then again, that's not what likeable guys do.

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