Dubai's police force is adding a new ride in the form of a hoverbike. Officially called Hoversurf, the bike was unveiled by Dubai Police at this year's the Gitex Technology Week conference, who revealed the bike is fully electric, has a top speed of 69 km/h (43 mph), can hold up to 300 kg (660 lbs.) and can be operated for about 25 minutes per charge.

Speaking to Gulf News, First Sergeant Ali Ahmad Mohammad from the Dubai Police's VIP Security Department explained the bike is also capable of flying without a passenger for up to 6 kilometers (4 miles). While an impressive piece of tech, the police force only intends to use the bike during emergency situations that require them to move quickly over heavy traffic.

Dubai has certainly done a lot this year to maintain its "City of the Future" status. The city will become the home of the first 3D printed skyscraper, wants robots to comprise 25 percent of its police force, is developing a flying taxi, and has introduced a new cryptocurrency known as EmCash.

Hopefully Dubai never loses the desire to move towards the future. At the rate the city's going, it's sure to have even more impressive technological developments in the coming years.


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