In a newly released clip of the upcoming inaugural episode of Don Lemon's post-CNN show, which was recently rejected by Elon Musk's social media network X, the journalist can be seen confronting Musk about his drug use.

In the clip, broadcast by CNN and later shared by TMZ this week, Musk was upfront about taking ketamine.

"The reason why I mentioned ketamine prescription on the X platform, was because I thought 'maybe this is something that can help other people,'" he said.

"Obviously I'm not a doctor, but I would say if somebody has depression issues, they should consider talking to their doctor about ketamine instead of SSRIs," referring to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which are commonly used to treat depression and anxiety disorders.

It's a limited yet notable back-and-forth considering the mercurial CEO's use of drugs has repeatedly come into question over the last few months, an especially relevant topic given his high-profile standing and security clearances.

In January, the Wall Street Journal released a damning report about his reported "illegal drug" use, ranging from cocaine to LSD, which apparently had leaders at both Tesla and SpaceX worried.

According to the report, Musk took ketamine recreationally, and not just under the supervision of health professionals, as he seemed to be suggesting in his interview with Lemon.

However, whether his drug use is indeed impacting or has impacted his work at his many companies remains a hotly debated subject.

A NASA spokesperson told Futurism in an emailed statement that the "agency does not have evidence of non-compliance from SpaceX on how the company addresses the drug- and alcohol-free workforce regulations."

The latest interview may also be at the center of his falling out with Lemon. Earlier this week, news got out that Musk had abruptly canceled the TV journalist's upcoming show on X, without giving a coherent reason as to why.

"There were no restrictions on the interview that he willingly agreed to," Lemon wrote in a statement, "and my questions were respectful and wide ranging, covering everything from SpaceX to the presidential election."

Musk cryptically accused Lemon of trying to recreate "'CNN, but on social media,' which doesn't work, as evidenced by the fact that CNN is dying."

"And, instead of it being the real Don Lemon, it was really just Jeff Zucker talking through Don, so lacked authenticity," he added, referring to the former president of CNN Worldwide, without clarifying further.

Semafor later reported that the two never signed a contract in the first place, meaning that X CEO Linda Yaccarino was selling ads for the show at this year's CES convention without it ever quite existing.

According to a different clip aired by CNN on Wednesday, Musk told Lemon that he's "not paying [Trump's] legal bills in anyway, shape or form," likely referring to recent reports that the CEO and the former president had met.

"I was at a breakfast at a friend’s place and Donald Trump came by," Musk told Lemon. "That's it."

In short, it's looking like Musk may have been incensed by the journalist's questions.

"Throughout our conversation, I kept reiterating to him, although it was tense at times, I thought it was good for people to see our exchange," Lemon said in a follow-up video posted to social media.

In a characteristic move, Musk dug in his heels and lashed out at Lemon, calling him a "pompous fool who spouts nonsense," in a Friday tweet.

Did Lemon hit a nerve with his hard-hitting questions? Despite being a self-proclaimed "free speech absolutist," Musk is clearly touchy about many subjects.

Musk has long been accused of turning Twitter into an echo chamber where disinformation and hate speech run rampant — and hosting a show that involves him answering piercing questions about his drug habits is clearly not a part of that vision.

Lemon is still planning to release his new show on X — and according to Musk, he's "still free to upload his show to 𝕏 and will receive advertising revenue."

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