Following a week of bold claims about SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's alleged illegal drug use, NASA has responded.

"The agency does not have evidence of non-compliance from SpaceX on how the company addresses the drug- and alcohol-free workforce regulations," NASA told Futurism in an emailed statement that seems to indicate that when Musk and his employees were drug tested, none of them failed.

This response came days after we requested information from the agency about the allegations about Musk's drug use — which could, as many have suggested, put his NASA contracts in jeopardy because the federal government is infamously close-minded about drugs. Those reports spurred on our own speculation about the chain of custody of his, er, samples sent for analysis.

To be fair, referring to the reports as "allegations" is a bit of stretch considering that Musk smoking weed on-air with Joe Rogan in 2018 led to some serious consequences, including a seeming increase in his government-mandated drug testing to begin with. Since then, he's also endorsed ketamine and psychedelics as treatments for mental health issues like depression.

Nevertheless, recent years have seen still-unverified insider claims that the South African-born tech mogul uses all kinds of substances, from cocaine to LSD to Special K, which has allegedly affected his behavior as a leader so much that it concerns those around him.

According to NASA's statement to Futurism, the companies the agency contracts with are "responsible for tracking and determining which of their employees are working on particular contracts and considered to be 'employees in a sensitive position.'"

Reading between the lines, it seems that NASA is admitting what we, upon a brain blast from Bloomberg's Matt Levine, have deduced: that there's someone at SpaceX, or a group of someones, whose job it is to collect Musk's urine samples and get them to the proper authorities for testing.

Whether that person or persons can be trusted to actually be testing the big boss' pee? Well, that's the billion-dollar question.

As Business Insider reported last month and as we discovered this week, NASA is staying mum about what exactly those pee cups may have revealed — but reading between the lines, it seems that if Musk is partying hard, he's doing so without the government catching on.

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