This is a pretty bizarre legal strategy.

Parental Leaving

The drama between Elon Musk and his onetime paramour, artist Claire "Grimes" Boucher, has taken a nasty turn.

As Insider reports based on court documents the outlet obtained, the electronic music star has tried no fewer than a dozen times to serve Musk with custody papers for their three children together — to no avail.

From having three children together to dodging legal papers, the relationship between Grimes and Musk has seemed pretty disordely for some time now. This part of the saga began back in September, when the artist claimed in a since-deleted tweet that Musk was not letting her see their son X Æ A-Xii, or X for short.

Tennis Court

Things got worse (and weirder) last month, when news broke that Grimes was suing the billionaire father of 11 children to "establish [her] parental relationship" with their three after he purportedly took them out of the state of California "over [her] objection." That suit was apparently in response to Musk's own in September, Insider reported, in which he accused Boucher of moving to California to "circumvent" Texas family courts.

It appears now that that situation has deteriorated further, with Grimes' attorneys filing supplemental evidence claiming that on 12 occasions, people she hired were unable to personally serve Musk custody papers.

Those process servers, the new documents allege, tried to reach the mercurial figure at the headquarters of X-formerly-Twitter, Tesla, and even at the home of Shivon Zilis, the Neuralink executive with whom Musk had two more children. He hasn't yet responded to Boucher's legal overtures, she says.

One of those people hired to serve Musk papers even tried to track him down to a horse farm he owns in Texas, Insider indicated.

"Nope, not here," a woman who works on the premises reportedly told the process server.


Boucher's people ultimately left the documents with Musk's security — and as California family law attorney Christopher Melcher told Insider, using process servers is acceptable in the case of someone as famous as Musk.

"None of these security guards were going to let the process server in," Melcher told the website. "They could've come 100 times."

Anyone who's ever dealt with custody battles knows how ugly they can get, but dodging the non-custodial parent at multiple locations and on a dozen occasions seems very much beyond the pale.

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