Could he, like, chill?

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A new book about Elon Musk's Twitter takeover is apparently full of wild stories — including one about the profanities he screamed immediately after inking his deal to purchase the site.

Best known for penning the book that became "The Social Network," author Ben Mezrich told journalist Kara Swisher during a recent interview that the billionaire's gleeful ire was pointed directly at rival CEO Mark Zuckerberg in that fateful moment a year ago.

"There's a scene when Musk signs the papers to take over Twitter," Mezrich told Swisher, and "the first thing he screams out is, 'Fuck Zuck! Fuck Zuck!' — which I haven't seen reported anywhere else."

At this point, anything we hear about Musk's rivalry with the Meta-formerly-Facebook CEO seems like it could be true, now that the two are still vaguely threatening to engage in hand-to-hand combat with each other — once Zuckerberg recovers from his torn ACL, an injury he got while training, that is.

Indeed, Musk took to the podcast of significantly more infamous host Joe Rogan on Halloween to discuss his beef with his rival apparent.

"Zuck pulled out, he used the pull-out method," Musk, the father of multiple children born via in-vitro fertilization and/or surrogacy, joked about the Meta CEO's decision to postpone their cage match in August. "He accused me of not being serious. I said, 'Listen, at the end of the day, I'll fight you any place, anywhere, under any rules.'"

"I don’t think he should fight me," the Twitter owner continued. "I’m like 50 percent heavier than him."

Big Heads

During his interview with Swisher, Mezrich mused that while both tech giants have massive egos, Musk is — to put it lightly — worse.

"I think that Elon is much more, in my opinion, the dictatorial control person than Mark is," the author said. "I think Mark, to me anyways, is a little bit more of the nerd, as the guy in the corner with the computer — and Elon isn’t that."

While promoting "Breaking Twitter," Mezrich also appeared on CNBC's "Squawk Box" and dropped another stunning detail from the new book: that during one Musk "spiral," Twitter employees nearly called in a wellness check on him.

"He got to a point where he locked himself in his office, was so upset that the Twitter employees were considering calling a wellness check by the San Francisco police because they thought he was going to self-harm himself," the author said.

It's not shocking that the guy who documented both the foundations of Facebook and the GameStop stock short bonanza has packed these sorts of stories in his latest work — and as with all things Muskian, even the craziest stories ring automatically true.

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