Out fascination with bendable smartphones and wearables may actually lead us to the next generation of mobile technology. This Wednesday, the Korean Intellectual Property Office granted a patent for a flexible electronic device which Samsung applied for last April.

This patent is for a device that can be folded like a flip phone, with an OLED screen that folds midway or fully. Supposedly, the device will have a secondary screen located on the outside, which can activate when the phone is folded shut (like the good'ol Motorola Razr).

Samsung's been toying with the idea of a bendable smartphone ever since it demoed a flexible YOUM monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2013. Samsung has since successfully integrated curved screens into its Galaxy Edge phones, the first steps to a bendable future.

Credits: Samsung / Korean Intellectual Property Office

Other tech giants are considering their own versions of this bendable tech, like Lenovo with its wrap-around-your-wrist phone idea, or the ReFlex phone. Even Apple recently filed a patent for its own flexible tech.

Whatever Samsung has in the works right now should be big enough to recover from the explosive past the Galaxy Note 7 left behind.

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