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Samsung Has Filed a Patent for a Futurisitic Smartphone

The bendable device can be folded in half like a flip phone.

Dom GaleonNovember 11th 2016

Out fascination with bendable smartphones and wearables may actually lead us to the next generation of mobile technology. This Wednesday, the Korean Intellectual Property Office granted a patent for a flexible electronic device which Samsung applied for last April.

This patent is for a device that can be folded like a flip phone, with an OLED screen that folds midway or fully. Supposedly, the device will have a secondary screen located on the outside, which can activate when the phone is folded shut (like the good’ol Motorola Razr).

Samsung’s been toying with the idea of a bendable smartphone ever since it demoed a flexible YOUM monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2013. Samsung has since successfully integrated curved screens into its Galaxy Edge phones, the first steps to a bendable future.

Credits: Samsung / Korean Intellectual Property Office
Credits: Samsung / Korean Intellectual Property Office

Other tech giants are considering their own versions of this bendable tech, like Lenovo with its wrap-around-your-wrist phone idea, or the ReFlex phone. Even Apple recently filed a patent for its own flexible tech.

Whatever Samsung has in the works right now should be big enough to recover from the explosive past the Galaxy Note 7 left behind.

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