At Lenovo’s Tech World 2016 expo, CTO Peter Hortensius just presented their non-functional prototype for a bendable smart phone as well as a bendable tablet.

The concept smartphone, officially named CPlus, has a 4.26-inch display and will come in 12 colors. Oh, and you can wrap it around your wrist like a watch.
Both devices are said to be coming out on the market next year.

With all the hype, Lenovo has yet to actually prove their capability in walking that proverbial talk, however. The prototype’s interface reportedly “cracked” at some point while being tried by a spokesperson, proving that although the idea is there, the execution may have some ways still to go  

While other brands have also claimed that they will release similarly bendable and twistable devices, none have come to materialize their promise as of yet. After all, a bendable interface would require equally bendable insides as well.

And people probably wouldn’t want to spend money on something that breaks after a few “bends.” Unless of course you're an early adopter. In which case, you're all-too-familar with devices going wrong.


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