Invite three or four friends over to your house and ask them if they’re getting enough sleep. Ask if they feel they’re eating right, or getting enough exercise, or operating at their peak mental performance. Chances are, most of the people in that room will agree that they have room for improvement. And one of the best ways to bring about such an improvement is through a nutritional supplement program. But how do you pick which program is right for you? With the Wellnicity Method, you don’t have to worry about making any complex decisions. Thanks to a battery of simple tests you can perform at home, your own body will tell you exactly what supplements it needs.

After that, Wellnicity’s team of nutritionists will create the perfect regimen of supplements for your own body and wellness goals, patterned on the precise chemical imbalances and deficiencies that are causing whatever symptoms you’re feeling.


Before you start taking supplements, the first step on Wellnicity’s road to wellness is to determine which of the company’s four neurotransmitter test kits, each of which can be easily administered in the privacy of your own home, is right for you. Here’s a breakdown of the four tests and the problem areas each one is designed to focus on.

MY BRAIN + STRESS Supplements Test

Chemical imbalances in the brain can cause hormonal imbalances in the adrenal glands, and vice versa, which can make it difficult to know which area to treat if you’re feeling over-stressed. This test claims to determine whether “your chemical messengers are no longer messaging or your stress response has stopped responding,” after which the Wellnicity Method will start providing relief. The most comprehensive Wellnicity test, which looks at not just neurotransmitters in your urine but for common stress hormones Cortisol and DHEA in your saliva as well.


If memory and focus are your problem areas, this test will determine if chemicals in your brain are responsible for the problem, and not too much TV late at night. If it is, Wellnicity will help you improve your focus and your memory with a Focus & Memory Program personalized to your specific needs will help you remember your focus and focus your memory.


There are some who think that a good night’s sleep is the most curative tonic there is, and if like most people you’re not getting enough of them there might be a chemical imbalance to blame. And anybody who’s ever shown up to work after pulling an all-nighter already knows how sleep and mood are connected. The results of this test and the accompanying Sleep & Mood Program from Wellnicity will get your sleep and your mood sorted out, perhaps as much for the sake of those around you as for yours.


Like the Wellnicity Brain - Stress Test, this is more on the comprehensive side, focusing on a wide variety of symptoms, including stuff like anxiety and sleep disturbances. Poor brain balance can be caused by anything from poor diet, stress, or even genetic factors, but whatever the cause Wellnicity’s Brain Balance Program will help you repair the damage and restore that balance.

You can get more detailed information on each of these four tests and the symptoms they cover at the official Wellnicity site right here. But each test comes with shipping, lab processing fees, customized lab reports, a clinician consultation, and all the necessary paperwork included in the price. And of course you don’t have to guess at which test would be best for you, since Wellnicity offers an online quiz that will direct you to the best one for you in minutes.

So head over to Wellnicity and take the free quiz now. Better fitness and brain function may be yours sooner than you would have thought possible.

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