Have you ever wondered if your hangovers were trying to tell you something? It’s not uncommon to imagine that they’re warning you that you should stop drinking so much alcohol. But when it comes to a replacement drink that still provides some social lubrication, your options tend to be limited. But Kin's euphoric beverages are mood-altering non-alcoholic drinks that might just be the answer. Plus, they won’t give you hangovers.

"Euphoric Beverages" From Kin Are The Non-Alcoholic Drinks We've Been Waiting For


What are euphorics? They’re non-alcoholic drinks that are engineered to encourage conscious connection. This is accomplished through herbs known as adaptogens that help you manage stress, compounds that aid cognition called nootropics, and plant matter that boost flavor, function, and nutrition called botanics. Mixed together in various permutations, they give you the entire Kin line, which is made up of three different products (so far).

Kin Spritz

Kin Spritz is a daytime boost that comes ready to drink all on its own. Billed as Kin’s answer to the classic “summer spritz,” Spritz boasts a citrus flavor core with a kick of ginger in addition to Kin’s proprietary blend of euphorics. The euphorics will react to each drinker’s body chemistry in order to produce unique effects, anything from relaxing calm to, well, euphoric joy. And the accompanying brain boost makes this a recommended part of your daily routine, especially compared to alcoholic beverages.

Dream Light

Kin also makes a euphoric beverage for bedtime. Dream Light can produce effects ranging from “warm and fuzzy” to “calm and floaty,” but no matter how you experience the sensations in question, you’ll find yourself better prepared for a good night’s sleep. A light dose of melatonin (the substance your own body produces in order to put itself to sleep) will begin the process of a healthy night’s sleep without any tranquilizing effects, while flavorwise it boasts an “earthy, smoky, and smoothly spiced palette.” L-theanine and passionflower work together to boost GABA levels while l-tryptophan supports serotonin, another important component of your body’s own natural sleep rhythms.

High Rhode

High Rhode is described as a tart, floral herbaceous euphoric that is meant to be used as a mixer. Like all euphorics, different people will respond in different ways to its effects, but sensations of relaxation and clearer thought are common, as well as greater, more pleasurable social interaction. You aren’t supposed to use any Kin euphorics with alcohol, but a Kin mixer with High Rhode and whatever juices or soda you enjoy most comes highly recommended. Especially by the satisfied customers that have caused High Rhode to be - as of this writing - temporarily out of stock.

You can get a 500ml bottle of Dream Light for $39.99, while a 4-, 8-, or 12-pack of Kin Spritz will set you back $4.99 per 8-ounce can. And all Kin products can be purchased on a subscription plan at a discount.

So if you’re curious about euphorics (and at this point how couldn’t you be?), head over to Kin’s official site here to place an order now. And if you know anyone else who might be trying to decode a message from their regular hangovers, Kin beverages are also available in gift sets.

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