It's no secret that alcohol consumption has many negative side effects. And if you're like a lot of people, at one point or another, you've probably considered going alcohol free. But when you chose to quit drinking, do you also have to give up everything you like about alcohol consumption? Does it mean you're stuck drinking tap water and Pepsi for the rest of your life? Does it mean an end to grabbing drinks with friends and co-workers? Does making the switch to non alcoholic drinks mean you have to leave the complex flavors of finely-crafted beers, wines, and spirits behind? Luckily, thanks to an online marketplace called Better Rhodes, the answer to all those questions is a firm no.

Better Rhodes is a one-stop shop for non alcoholic drinks. Everything you see at the Better Rhodes online store has been specially curated for people who want the positives of traditional alcoholic drinks, but without the negatives.

No matter what your holiday season will look like this year, Better Rhodes has you covered. Here are just a few of the most promising selections from the current Better Rhodes lineup:

#DeliciousAF Alcohol Free Stouts

Better Rhodes

For the truly devoted beer lover who wants to continue enjoying the flavor of their favorite stouts, Better Rhodes has compiled six of the very best alcohol free stouts in a surprise selection. You might not know what specific AF stouts you'll get with this mystery box collection. But you can rest assured they’ll be six of the very best.

A Collection of Our Favorite Craft Beers

Better Rhodes

Like all of Better Rhodes’s products, this assortment is stocked with hand-selected products. It includes six alcohol free craft beers for your drinking pleasure. Naturally, this collection also makes a good introduction to the world of AF beer for anyone who’s curious about giving them a try.

Better Rhodes Non Alcoholic Drinks - Insider Monthly Subscription

Better Rhodes

If you’re really serious about keeping stocked up on the latest and best in Better Rhodes’s selections of non alcoholic drinks, a monthly subscription is the way to go. One of the best is the Better Rhodes Insider Subscription, which gives you a selection of premium non alcoholic drinks delivered directly to your door each month. Each delivery will be specially curated for a balance of tried and true favorites and the newest in the field. It’ll cost you just $39.99 per month, instead of the $65 you'd have to spend buying these products individually.

That’s just a very small taste of what the Better Rhodes online store has to offer. So head over to to their website now to see all the delicious, non alcoholic drinks they have to offer.

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