For reasons that are pretty self-evident, alcohol consumption has reportedly been on the rise, lately. That means that hangovers and the other negative effects of booze are also on the rise, as are sincere personal pledges to stop drinking the following day. But just because you’re thinking of giving up alcohol doesn’t mean you have to give up the social lubrication and relaxation it provides. That's because alcohol-free Kin Euphoric beverages provide them both in abundance, with no hangovers or other negative side effects in sight.

Kin is available in three varieties, with each one tailored to a specific desired experience. Here’s a breakdown of the euphoric beverages Kin offers:

Kin Spritz: Refreshing, Delightful, And Alcohol-Free


Kin Spritz is the most popular Kin beverage and is essentially the brand’s answer to the traditional spritz cocktail. It combines bubbly white grape juice, citrus, spice, hibiscus, and ginger with Kin’s patented euphoric blend. The result? An elevated mind with sharper clarity and an easier flow of thoughts, a sense of balance and relaxation from the inside out, and an increase in sociability and connection that tastes great. And to make it taste even better, the Kin flavor wizards say that a dash of Thai chili and a splash of pressed pomegranate can really bring out the flavor.

Kin High Rhode: Smooth and Satisfying


While Kin Spritz is made to be enjoyed right out of the can, Kin High Rhode is a mixer that can be paired with your favorite juice, soda, and bitters for a complete euphoric beverage experience. The herbaceous base gives it a tart and floral flavor profile while the euphoric blend provides a joyful boost of uplifting feelings along with a soothing calm that can last the whole night. If you’re looking for a recommended pairing, Kin suggests pineapple and ginger for a little extra kick -- and it aids digestion, too.

Say Goodnight With Kim Dream Light


Finally, we have Kin Dream Light. As the name implies, this is Kin’s formula for sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep. On the flavor front, the blend’s official flavor notes say it “tastes as good as it feels. Rich in forest notes of oak, clove, gentian, and passionflower with the warming spice of cinnamon, chili, and ginger, some compare it to the taste of chai.” Appropriately for a bedtime beverage, the recommended pairing is with your favorite milk, with oat milk getting the highest recommendation thanks to its insulin productive properties.

All three Kin Euphorics can be purchased at a discount with a subscription plan that delivers a new shipment to your door every month and keeps you stocked up for as long as you want. And it’s probably worth repeating that their social lubrication properties and other pleasant effects come without any blackouts, hangovers, or any of the other negative side-effects associated with alcohol.

So if you think you’re ready to take the plunge and try out alcohol-free Kin euphoric beverages, head over to the Kin online store and make your selections now.

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