Almost everyone likes to drink alcohol, now and again. And one of the main appeals of alcoholic beverages is the “social lubrication" they provide. But that social lubrication has always come with a cost: blackouts, hangovers, and myriad other negative side-effects too numerous to mention. Luckily, now there's an alternative that provides that same social lubrication without the downside. It's a new line of mood-altering non-alcoholic drinks called Kin, and it just might mean the end of hangovers.

Unlike alcoholic drinks, Kin's “euphoric beverages" won't get you drunk. But they will provide you with a range of "euphoric" feelings including warm, friendly sensations, greater clarity of focus, and a better sense of connection with others.

The flagship of the Kin line is Kin Spritz, a ready-to-drink concoction made from fresh citrus, spice, hibiscus, and ginger. Fans of Kin Spritz report an “awakened clarity and flow” that makes it an ideal daytime euphoric that can improve your workday and provide a sense of relaxation and calm throughout the body. It is also known to provide enhanced interpersonal connections that can lead to new relationships and new ideas.

Kin: Mood-Altering Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Flavor-wise, Kin Spritz combines sparkling hibiscus with refreshing citrus and a pleasing bite of ginger. It's described as “an herbaceous spritz of refreshment.” The euphoric magic works best when you enjoy the beverage socially, but it can provide a nice midday boost to your spirits even if you're alone or at work.

Each single-serving can of Kin Spritz has just four grams of sugar (courtesy of the bubbly white grape juice that forms the base). It tastes great on its own, but can also be used as a mixer with your favorite juices and other ingredients. One recommended pairing is a bit of spicy Thai chili and a splash of pressed pomegranate juice.

Kin Spritz will make you feel great and enhance almost any social gathering. But Kin's mood-altering non-alcoholic drinks can also boost your brainpower. This is especially true of Kin’s High Rhode, which features brain-boosting euphorics. Whereas Kin Spritz makes an ideal starting point for anyone curious about euphorics, the mood-heightening effects of High Rhode are the next logical step.

The best way to enjoy Kin Spritz is probably at a party, but of course, you can enjoy it anywhere. It comes in convenient four-packs that you can take to the beach, to the park, to outdoor concerts or festivals, parades, barbecues, and pretty much anywhere else you’re supposed to enjoy yourself and have a good time. You can also order a sixteen-pack of Kin Spritz from the Kin online store, or you can save a little money and sign up for a monthly auto shipment.

The unique euphoric effects of the drink will guide you smoothly into the evening, and (at the risk of belaboring this point) there will be no hangovers the following morning.

Maybe the words "no more hangovers" are enough to pique your interest. Or maybe Kin Spritz's social, cognitive, and mood-boosting properties are more appealing. Either way, click here now to check out Kin's entire line of mood-altering non-alcoholic drinks.

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