It's harder than ever to get a good night's sleep. Thanks to the pandemic, almost everyone's life has been impacted. It's taken a toll on our work, home, family life--and subsequently the quality of our sleep.  A report out of the National Institutes of Health reveals that Coronasomnia, the loss of sleep due to pandemic-related stress, has resulted in a nearly 40-percent increase in clinical insomnia. Luckily, the Yana Sleep Body Pillow can help.

Coronasomnia is a very real problem. But the solution for getting back into a regular sleep routine might be as simple as getting more comfortable. According to Harvard Health, creating a pleasant environment so your body and brain can finally relax can help put an end to sleepless nights. So if you're one of the people affected by Coronasomnia, you should know about the Yana Sleep Body Pillow.

What's The Yana Sleep Body Pillow?

Yana Sleep Pillow

Nothing will transform your sleep routine like the Yana Sleep Body Pillow. This luxurious, organic sleep pillow wraps around your body & contours to your curves. It's designed this way so you can fall asleep feeling held & wake up feeling transformed. In order to truly adjust and perfectly fit your body, your Yana Sleep Body Pillow's all-natural filling is made from shredded latex, with a firmness that you can customize. That's because Yana's inner pillow has a zipper, so you can open it up and remove the shredded latex until the density is exactly what your body needs to be comfortable. Not only that, Yana's pillow cover is double-sided, removable and washable, and made from organic cotton & bamboo velour.

Why Yana?

Yana Sleep Pillow

The Yana Sleep Body Pillow is designed with the intention of perfecting the art and science of the sleep you get each night so you can wake up each morning ready to take on the day. That's because it's ergonomically designed to promote deep transformative sleep. Additionally, Yana's made from luxe, organic materials that naturally contour to your body & keep you cool through the night. It let's you say goodbye to uncomfortable tossing and turning, and gross night sweats.

Most importantly, Yana was designed with more than one person in mind. If you're looking for comfort that won't sacrifice cuddling, the Yana's got your back. It fits comfortably in a queen bed for 1 to 2 people. Regardless if it's just you or you and someone you love, the Yana Sleep Body Pillow will help you feel swaddled and safe so you'll sleep like a baby.

Caring For Yana

Yanna Pillow

The Yana Sleep Pillow is built to last. Even though it's generally a low-maintenance self-care item, it will need attention to keep it in optimal shape for your sleeping needs. The Yana's pillow cover should be washed in cold to warm water with a gentle detergent. It's also best to wash it on a gentle cycle to preserve the cover's integrity for years to come.

When replacing the case, do so slowly and gently, like you're pulling on a stocking. This will prevent any unwanted stretching of the Yana's cover. As for the Yana's inner pillow, it's recommended to spot clean it as necessary. But for bigger jobs, take it to the dry cleaners and have it cleaned professionally.

Order Your Yana Body Pillow Today

The Yana Sleep Body Pillow even offers financing so you can start your deep sleep journey right now. What are you waiting for? Too many people gamble on a good night’s rest. Choose the shape of effortless, elevated sleep, and click here to buy your Yana Body Pillow today.

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