If you’re one of 68-percent (That's an estimated 164 million) Americans who find themselves struggling with sleep at least once a week, know you’re not alone. Often the solution can be as simple as getting comfortable. According to sleep experts at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital, the solution may be as simple as getting comfortable. That’s right, it turns out anything that will make you more comfortable in bed will aid in you getting better sleep. So if you’re one of the 68-percent mentioned above, you should know about Pluto Pillows, the first and only custom pillow brand.

What Are Pluto Pillows

Pluto Pillow

Pluto Pillows use a questionnaire to specifically customize pillows to your body stats, which includes: how you sleep. The Pluto Pillow algorithm then leverages this data to craft the perfect pillow for you through their patent-pending process. Pluto Pillows use information gathered from their questionnaire to build your custom pillow. Once completed, your data runs through Pluto Pillow’s proprietary algorithm that aids in creating a custom pillow for your unique sleep profile. These materials combine for over 35 variations through a patent-pending process that results in your specialized Pluto Pillow.

How A Pluto Custom Pillow Is Made

Pluto Pillow

These custom pillows were developed from hundreds of stories about the way people sleep. They took these stories and focused on the specifics of what people liked about their pillows as well as what they didn’t. Then, they tried them all — shredded foam pillows, bamboo pillows, latex pillows, down pillows, traditional memory foam pillows, and adjustable pillows. After prototyping and testing alongside partners with years of material research while also tapping into the training and education of sleep researchers, the people behind the Pluto Pillow learned what goes into making a thoughtful pillow — not a “smart” pillow.

What Makes Pluto Pillow’s Process Unique

Pluto Pillow’s design starts with a solid foam core that’s encased within an outer plush pillow. The pillow core's height, as well as, additional properties like density and filling additives, all depend on your answers to Pluto Pillow’s questionnaire. Plus, the fibers in the outer cover vary in thickness and quantity from one pillow to another (dependent on your answers). And if you heat up at night, say sayonara to that problem because your pillow surface will be made up of cooling fibers. Thanks to Pluto Pillow’s patent-pending process, you will find bliss with one of the 35 available variations of their pillow.

Once you complete the process, Pluto Pillow will deliver your custom pillow right to your door within seven-business days. Not only that, your custom pillow ships free and you'll have 100 risk-free nights to test your Pluto Pillow out from the comfort of your bed. That’s because every part of the Pluto Pillow process is designed to take the guesswork out of pillow shopping. That way you can focus on more important stuff, like getting some shut eye. So don't wait. Click here to start customizing your very own Pluto Pillow.

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