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Get More Restful Sleep With 39% Off A Ghostbed Mattress

Get cool on the mattress built to pull heat away so you can sleep at the perfect temperature.

Aug 28 by Futurism Creative
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Getting some sleep isn’t just about waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. How you sleep and what kind of sleep you get can make an enormous difference for both your physical and mental health. The GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress ensures you get better sleep by giving you control over the temperature of your bed. Listed at $2,245, it’s on sale now for just $1,366.99.

Cool And Comfortable

The Ghostbed is beloved by critics, including Consumer Reports, Sleep Foundation, and Mattress Nerd due to its cooling design built around the proprietary Ghost Ice fabric. Ghost Ice moves heat away from the sleeper, putting an end to sweaty nights without sleep.

Each mattress has seven layers to regulate comfort and temperature, with Ghost Ice Fabric, cooling fiber, two layers of gel memory foam with a Ghost Ice layer in between, a Ghost Bounce layer, and a high density support foam layer. This keeps heat from collecting while offering a supportive, comfortable mattress.

Resting Easy

It’s also easy to set up. Ghostbed was one of the first companies to send mattresses through the mail, so you get your mattress at your doorstep without having to try and lug it home. It’s carefully sized to fit any standard queen bed, whether you’ve got a boxspring, a slatted frame, or an adjustable. You won’t need any special sheets, either, as your preferred linens will already fit. Just set it up, make your bed, and enjoy cooler, more comfortable sleep. And you’ll rest easier with the 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Get the GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress for $1,366.99 (reg. $2,245) and for a limited time, you’ll earn a $10 store credit to go with your restful sleep if you spend at least $50 in-store, sent to your account 14 days after your purchase, as long as your total is over $50 after any returns.

Prices subject to change.

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