Everyone knows sleep plays a vital role in our mental and physical well-being. However, when people talk about the importance of sleep, they tend to focus almost exclusively on getting more sleep, when we really ought to be just as concerned with getting better sleep. Luckily, the team of scientists and researchers at Neurohacker Collective have spent years trying to figure out the best way to help people improve the quality of their sleep. And the result of their efforts, a new sleep supplement called Qualia Night, is now being hailed as a major breakthrough in the science of sleep.

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Sleep, Cognitive Performance, and Overall Health

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No matter how much coffee or superfood smoothies you drink, it is biologically impossible to achieve peak physical or cognitive performance without good sleep. Poor sleep is scientifically proven to diminish critical thinking, judgment, and problem-solving skills. It is scientifically proven to contribute to weaker immune function, weight gain, high blood pressure, and accelerated aging. It is scientifically proven to make us more irritable, reduce our ability to manage conflicts, and make us less empathetic. These are facts.

So what exactly is going on when we sleep? While we tend to think of the brain and body as being inactive while we’re sleeping, in reality, they are quite busy. The body repairs cells, muscles, and tissues and synthesizes key proteins and hormones. Neurons regroup and reorganize so they can efficiently communicate and store information. And the brain’s glymphatic system clears out waste from the central nervous system, removing toxic chemicals that build up throughout the day.

Like all other biological processes, the ones that take place while you sleep require very specific fuels. That’s why Neurohacker Collective created Qualia Night.

Qualia Night: A Totally New Kind Of Sleep Supplement

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The most important thing people need to understand about Qualia Night is that it is not a sleeping pill. It does not contain any pharmaceutical or botanical sedatives. In fact, it doesn’t even contain melatonin, which is a natural hormone produced by your body to regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

At Neurohacker Collective, their goal is to help the body help itself. Using a whole-systems science approach, they spent two years creating a unique blend of raw materials that promote restfulness and fuel your body’s natural regenerative processes. These raw materials enhance your body’s ability to heal, recover, and regenerate, which results in deeper and more restorative sleep, more energy, improved cognition, stronger immunity, and enhanced long-term brain health.

Qualia Night is intended to be taken in the early evening, about four hours before bedtime. From there it slowly eases your mind and body into a relaxing, optimal sleep process later that night. It works by:

  • Supporting the creation and use of melatonin, a hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm by signaling to your brain that it is time to sleep.
  • Supporting the creation and use of gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that inhibits certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system.
  • Supporting the creation and use of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, a protein that protects and supports the growth of new neurons, which is essential for memory, learning, and critical thinking.
  • Supporting the production and function of stem cells, which play a vital role in repair and regeneration.
  • Supporting stress response by providing crucial adaptogens, which are herbal substances that contribute to the stabilization of physiological processes and the promotion of homeostasis.
  • Helping to regulate the production of cortisol, which is the body’s primary stress hormone.
  • Feeding healthy gut bacteria so they can produce key molecules required for healthy brain and immune function, a relationship known as the gut-brain axis.

Limited Time Introductory Price

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To celebrate its release—and because Neurohacker Collective is pretty confident you’ll love it when you try it—right now you can get 50% off the first month of a cancel-anytime subscription to Qualia Night. Your subscription is also backed by a 100-day money-back guarantee. And you can also use the discount code PRODANDNEURO at checkout to get an additional 15-percent off.

If you don’t feel refreshed and energized when you wake up in the morning, or if you feel sluggish and low energy throughout the day, don’t just pump your brain full of more caffeine. Qualia Night was specifically designed to enhance your sleep performance so you recharge better at night. Give it a try, today.

Futurism Readers: Enter Discount Code PRODANDNEURO At Checkout For An Additional 15% Off

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