More than ever before, the coronavirus-induced quarantine has highlighted the importance of green spaces, especially in overpopulated urban centers. A recent Bloomberg article emphasizes the dire human need to be surrounded by greenery: "The multiplicity of benefits parks have always offered us — physical and mental health relief, community building, and free public open space in tight, increasingly privatized urban quarters — seem not only like an added bonus right now, but rather, a critical lifeline for cities and their residents."

Indeed, the liveliness that plants provide is well-supported by science: as people inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants do the inverse, clearing the surrounding air of harmful toxins. A NASA study discovered that houseplants are even capable of removing 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Research also proves that houseplants boost concentration, productivity, and mood, in addition to reducing stress levels — all of which is necessary in what can be an overwhelming work/home space.

With all of the benefits of "going green" at home, now is an ideal time to learn how to cultivate crops and fertilize flowers in a bountiful home garden. Until the end of quarantine and beyond, you can explore the wonders of indoor and outdoor gardening with The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle. This valuable course bundle teaches novice gardeners how to grow their own greener pastures through ten hours of hands-on lessons, covering everything from planting and propagating to woodworking and design. Although the courses are worth nearly $1200, this bundle is available at a 98 percent discount for an affordable $19.99.

The six-course bundle is designed with beginners in mind, teaching essential gardening techniques such as raising houseplants and succulents, pruning and training ornamental plants, propagating new shoots from existing plants, and how to draw up plans for future gardening projects.

The "Gardening For Beginners: House Plants, Succulents And Herbs" course offers wisdom on the basics of gardening, what plants to grow, and how to best care for them. Although the knowledge applies to gardening in general, the course focuses on five beautiful and easy-to-care-for houseplants that will make your neighbors and friends green with gardening envy.

An often-overlooked aspect of gardening is pruning plants to prolong their lifespan and increase their productivity: pruning is the difference between a withered, woody basil stem and an evergreen, bushy basil plant boasting new sprouts. That's where the "Pruning & Training Plants For Beginners" course comes in—it teaches users how to prune and train ornamental and fruiting plants for optimal growth.

Any experienced gardener knows that a backyard garden can quickly become an overgrown jungle—and a smart gardener knows how to design their garden to avoid overgrowth. The "Designing Gardens & Drawing Plans for Beginners" course reviews sound design principles and applies them to gardens, allowing you to draw plans and sketches of your ideal garden before breaking ground.

One of the best ways to build a bountiful garden fast is through the propagation method, which is taking a part of an existing plant to grow an entirely new plant. The "Ornamental Plants Propagation" course demystifies the process of propagation, allowing you to grow new plants with just a few propagation materials.

Despite the confines of quarantine, it's still possible to liven up your home with a little fresh air and greenery. The Green Thumb Gardening Bundle will have you growing, designing, and propagating all-natural air purifiers and mood boosters in a matter of weeks—all for a limited-time discount of $19.99.

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