As Americans took up hobbies to get them through 2020, gardening emerged as one of the top ways to alleviate stress and bring the feeling of the outdoors into their home. And if you’re one of the 55-percent of Americans who started gardening last year, you don’t need us to tell you the amazing benefits of caring for greenery. From improving mood to relieving stress and anxiety, plants offered people an emerald-colored escape during trying times. But with so many different types of plants to choose from, each with their own special needs to grow and thrive, purchasing plants from a store can be overwhelming. But Plantboxs is a plant delivery service that is about to change all that. It make it easier than ever to fill your home of office with beautiful greenery.

Plantboxs is a plant subscription box service that handpicks and delivers fresh and colorful plants to add a splash of green to your environment. Depending on the frequency you desire, you can have your pick of tropicals, annuals, perennials, succulents, and cactus plants delivered weekly or monthly. They also source their vegetation from local farms where they grow and look after a variety of plants. The type of plant and size that’s sent is dependent on the subscription plan you choose.

How Plant Delivery Works makes it super easy for you to receive their plants every month. The first step is to subscribe. Once you’re signed up, you choose the type of plan you prefer and within 48 to 72-hours you’ll receive your first delivery of beautifully curated plants. An expert from the Plantboxs team will handpick uses fresh and vibrant plant(s) that will make up your Plantboxs. And once your plants have been packaged and shipped, you’ll be notified when they’re on the way.

Once you open your Plantboxs, there’s no need to panic if the types of plants sent are not familiar to you. These subscriptions are marked ‘for beginners’ because of the level of support offered with each box. Inside, you’ll find a card that describes your new plant along with precise instructions for how to make them thrive. If you ever have any questions about your plants, you can always contact their expert support team for help.

The Subscription Plans

When it comes to choosing a subscription plan, Plantboxs is designed to best meet your level of gardening expertise. That’s because you get to choose the plant delivery plan that works best for you and your needs. If you opt for The Small/Medium Monthly Plan For Beginners, you’ll be sent one to two small or medium-sized easy-to-care-for plants. With The Mixed Plants Monthly Plan For Beginners, you can expect to receive one gorgeous, normal-sized plant each month. The Large Plants Monthly Plan For Beginners is a great option for people with big spaces to fill. If you choose this plan option, you’ll be sent two lush, large-sized plants to care for.

Sprucing up your indoor or outdoor garden all starts by choosing a monthly subscription for Plantboxs. Afterward, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the beautiful monthly surprise of which plants you receive and welcome them into your home or office. It couldn't be easier, so click here to start.

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