Gardening is good for you in a surprising number of ways. Since it's moderate physical activity, it's a good way to get some exercise in while taking in some fresh air and sun. Research has found tending to a garden helps your mental health, helping to ease your mind.

Gardening is also useful for the health of the planet. Planting species native to your region creates food and habitat for local insects and animals, and of course, the more plants we have, paired with smart water management and composting, the more carbon and water vapor we pull out of the atmosphere.

Yet not all of us have a yard we can dig up that useless lawn and get to planting in. The Combined Urban & Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle is designed to show you how to garden with the minimum of space, getting the most out of where you can plant while getting the benefits.

Urban Gardening

It may not seem like urban spaces are rich with gardening opportunities, but you'd be surprised. In addition to window boxes and hanging plants in windows, there have been a vast number of advances in encouraging plants to grow in the strangest spaces, from rooftop gardening and turning vacant lots into green spaces, to makers competing for major prizes.

The courses in urban gardening from New Skills Academy will walk you through all the steps you need to start an urban garden. It starts with how to find a site for your garden, assessing the quality of the soil, how much sunlight it gets, and looking at what needs to be done to make it a viable site. It then moves into the nuts and bolts of keeping a garden running, discussing tools and supplies, budgets, the right plants to put in, and the basics of keeping any garden growing.

It then moves on to the steps to keep it ongoing, including whether you should grow crops and how to rotate crops to maintain the soils, watering and fertilizing, keeping out pests and unwanted plants, and finally composting what's left, and preserving what you grow.

Zen Gardening

Zen gardening can give you the same benefits, but it's a very different experience. Zen gardens are built on the principles of naturalness, simplicity, and austerity. Everything is precisely trimmed and every rock is carefully placed to create a sense of harmony with nature by imitating its essence, instead of seeming natural, and creating places for meditation.

This part of the course will walk you through Zen gardening's place in Buddhist practice and understanding the many elements involved, such as the yin and yang of the garden, the symbolism of each choice in a garden, and the practice of Feng Shui.

The course will also walk you through the practical side: Laying a foundation for your garden, building and maintaining gravel and sand sculptures, placement and trimming, budgeting, designing and placing water features, and raking and maintaining. Whether you're a practicing Zen Buddhist, or simply want to create a peaceful, deliberate space, this course will equip you with all the tools you need.

Gardening For Life

Whether you just want to grow some vegetables in your window or are aiming to beautify the space you share with your neighbors, the Combined Urban & Zen Gardening Mastery Bundle will give you the mix you need to figure out how to build the best space for everyone. And at an 89% discount, it'll save you a little money you can put towards your garden's tools and seeds as well.

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