Cooking healthy meals at home is difficult enough under normal circumstances, with all the planning, shopping, and preparation that’s typically required. But it's especially difficult now that normal life has come to a screeching halt, and you’re trapped inside all day with your roommate, significant other, or kids who need to learn long division while you're trying to talk to your co-workers on Zoom. Basically, you're using every ounce of strength to hold it together, and cooking healthy meals feels downright impossible. Fortunately, just because you’ve lost the will to cook, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to eating cold SpaghettiO’s straight out of the can. Even during these trying times, there are a number of amazing meal delivery services that ship delicious, prepared meals right to your door to help you maintain a healthy diet without having to leave the house.

Below, we’ve taken the liberty of listing a few of our favorites. If you’re ready to make things a lot easier on yourself, you need to check them out.

Home Bistro

Home Bistro

Home Bistro is one of the OG meal delivery services. They’ve been delivering freshly prepared restaurant-quality meals since 1999, and they are still perennially ranked among the best meal delivery services in the country. With Home Bistro, you can order individual meals, or combos of 2, 7, 10, or 20. And in addition to standard meals, they also offer meals for people with specific dietary preferences. These include vegetarian, paleo, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, Mediterranean, and high protein.
All meals are made with premium, highly nutritious ingredients.

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Vegin’ Out

Vegin' Out

Vegin’ Out is a vegan meal delivery service that offers meals made with 100-percent organic plant-based ingredients. Every single item on their menu is non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, oil free, cholesterol free, preservative free, additive free, and trans fat free, with low sodium and low sugar. However, these meals are still big on taste. Vegin’ Out has tons of amazing mains and sides to choose from, plus a few breakfast and juice options. There are a number of different meal plans, and multiple ways to customize them. But the basic “weekly meal delivery” comes with three entrees, four sides, one large soup, and one bag of cookies, which is enough for roughly 9-10 individual meals.

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Mosaic is a vegetarian meal delivery service that specializes in high protein, high energy noodle bowls, rice bowls, and veggie bowls. All of their meals are made from wholesome, healthy, unprocessed ingredients and are specially designed to be as satisfying and filling as they are nutritious. Mosaic has 19 different bowls to choose from, each prepared by an actual human chef. Mosaic is a subscription-only meal delivery service. Deliveries contain either 8 or 12 meals, and you can choose whether to receive them every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. You can also log in to your account to swap meals, skip a delivery, or cancel your subscription and any time. Right now Mosaic is available in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and surrounding areas.

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If you actually enjoy cooking and don’t want to cut it out of your daily routine, but you would like to make it a little easier on yourself, check out a meal kit delivery service like EveryPlate. With this EveryPlate, instead of picking fully prepared meals, you pick recipes, and they send you everything you need to make them, saving you the hassle or making lists and going to the store. Each week EveryPlate gives you 11 affordable, easy-to-cook recipes to choose from. You simply select the number of people you want to feed and the total number of meals you want to receive each week. At just $4.99 per serving, this is an incredibly easy and affordable way to make sure your family eats healthy.

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