Studies show that 80 percent of people just like you aren't consuming enough water on a daily basis to maintain proper hydration. And most people don't feel thirsty until they're already in the process of dehydration. That's a big problem, because even the slightest signs of dehydration can negatively affect the human body in a variety of ways. Even mild dehydration contributes to chronic fatigue, slower metabolism, mental fogginess, headaches, muscle cramps and more. And while it's best to prevent dehydration before it begins, consuming enough water can be a chore. Luckily, that's where Hydrant Rapid Hydration Mix comes into play. It not only breaks up the monotony that comes from drinking water exclusively by proving much needed flavor, but also uses a special formula to provide even better hydration than water alone.

Hydrant Rapid Hydration Mix


Hydrant is the best tasting, most effective, optimal hydration blend on the market. That's because it was developed by an Oxford Scientist to provide the optimal blend of electrolytes with just enough sugar to turn on your body's sodium-glucose pump. Doing this helps you hydrate faster because Hydrant is like electrolytning in a bottle. It’s for every day, every workout, every meeting, every morning after, every afternoon pick-me-up use. Hydrant uses perfectly balanced electrolytes and simple ingredients to more efficiently hydrate you, getting you to your baseline hydration level, whether in the boardroom or at the gym.

How Does Hydrant Work?


Hydrant's formula is based on a standard set by the World Health Organization that's meant for saving lives. But the geniuses behind Hydrant used this information to figure out a way to make water work better. On its own, water can take a few hours to go from your belly into your bloodstream. What Hydrant does is speed up this process thanks to a scientifically formulated ratio of sugar and electrolytes. This ratio allows your body to become a quick and efficient hydration station so you're able to perform at your best, resulting in clean hydration done right so you hydrate with more speed.

The Flavors


Drinking Hydrant makes hydrating simple with three awesome flavors: limegrapefruit and blood orange. Scientists worked tirelessly to achieve the perfect flavor profiles so that every last drop is refreshing, not overpowering or hard to drink. In fact, Hydrant retooled both the look and taste of its product after combing through feedback from its early users. They improved the taste of their product so it's not only easier to drink, but also provides the maximum benefits. Hydrant does all of this, without any unnecessary additives, so it really tastes like you’re drinking water with a refreshing spritz of fresh lime, grapefruit, or blood orange.

Maintaining proper hydration is one of the most important ways to ensure your body performs at its best. So turn to Hydrant to make sure you start your day strong and properly hydrated.

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