The three most important words of a healthy daily routine are hydrate, hydrate, and of course, hydrate. The benefits of drinking enough water are well documented (as are the dangers of not hydrating enough) but that doesn’t mean we’re all drinking those recommended eight glasses per day. Luckily, thanks to Hydrant hydration mix, proper hydration becomes a whole lot easier.

The Hydrant Rapid Hydration Drink Mix is a refreshing and tasty powdered blend that you can add to water to make it not only more flavorful, but more hydrating, as well. How is that possible? Hydrant is formulated to allow you to derive the absolute most hydration from your water, whatever your diet or lifestyle may be.

This occurs thanks to Hydrant's scientifically formulated balance of electrolytes, which helps your body to process water more efficiently. And if you’re interested in increasing your intake of electrolytes, Hydrant is a great way to do so. That's because every serving has three times the electrolytes of a typical sports drink.

Hydrant Hydration Mix: Hydrate Every Day


Hydrant gives you the optimum dose of elements your body needs to optimize hydration. Sodium helps your body deliver nerve impulses and helps your muscles function, while magnesium can improve performance in physical exercise. Zinc contributes to cell growth and the proper functioning of your immune system, and potassium basically works like an electrolyte in regulating your body’s fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contraction. And Hydrant combines all of these elements into a special formula that faster, longer-lasting hydration. And as an added bonus, it also tastes great.

How great? You’ll have to try it to find out for yourself. But Hydrant Rapid Hydration Drink Mixes come in several flavors, like lime, grapefruit, fruit punch, iced tea, orange mango, and more. And if your daily routine requires a shot of caffeine to get you going, don’t worry about it. There’s also a Caffeinated Hydration Mix, which may even be able to serve as a healthier alternative to coffee anyone  looking to improve their morning routine.

And best of all, with Hydrant's “Subscribe and Save” option, you can get new shipments of Hydrant mixes delivered to your do at a frequency of choice, and save 20-percent per shipment in the process. You can cancel or change up your frequency or flavor preferences at any time. So if you’re serious about upping your hydration game, there’s virtually no reason not to give Hydrant a try. Head over to the Hydrant site today, and say hello to a new era of health and hydration.

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