For human beings, water is an invaluable resource, which makes it odd that almost 80 percent of working Americans say they don’t drink enough water, daily. The main reason for this is that most people don’t feel thirsty. However, it turns out that thirst isn’t an indicator of dehydration, because feeling parched doesn’t occur until after people already dehydrated. In case you didn’t know, water makes up 50 to 70 percent of human being’s body weight and is a vital component for most bodily functions. Studies indicate that even 1 percent dehydration can affect mood, attention, memory. and motor coordination. Although there are a variety of reasons you may not be drinking enough water to properly hydrate, when it comes to dehydration, symptoms begin with feeling thirsty and lethargic. Eventually, it can lead to a pounding headache or muscle cramps. Luckily, Hydrant rapid hydration mix can help.

Hydrant Rapid Hydration Mix


Developed by an Oxford Scientist, Hydrant is a rapid hydration mix that provides the optimal blend of electrolytes with just enough sugar to turn on your body's sodium-glucose pump, so you hydrate faster. It's electrolytning in a bottle. Hydrant is the best tasting, most effective hydration blend on the market. It’s the every day, every workout, every meeting, every morning after, every afternoon pick-me-up. Hydrant uses perfectly balanced electrolytes and simple ingredients to more efficiently hydrate your body, quickly getting you to your baseline hydration level, whether in the boardroom or at the gym. With Hydrant, your body retains more water without having to drink more water. Everyone knows drinking water can be a chore, but Hydrant takes the work out of staying hydrated.

What Does Hydrant Do?


Existing options are slow and ineffective when it comes to hydration. They often contain way too much sugar, taste too sweet, or are filled with artificial ingredients. Hydrant has an electrolyte balance that mirrors your body’s own when you are at your best. A little sugar turns on the sodium-glucose pump which speeds up hydration. Real fruit juice provides a light, refreshing taste. Hydrant is a simple, morning hydration mix, optimized to hydrate you rapidly. It’s the best way to start your day. It's lightly flavored with real fruit juice for a subtle, refreshing taste that isn’t artificial. With Hydrant you’re getting three times the electrolytes in a sports drink, with 80-percnt less sugar.

The Flavors


Hydrant makes proper hydration easy and enjoyable with three amazing flavors Lime, Grapefruit and Blood Orange. These flavor profiles have been tinkered with so they’re not overpowering or hard to drink. In fact, Hydrant refreshed both the look and taste of its product after receiving through feedback from people just like you. They improved the taste of their product so it’s not only easier to drink, but also provides the benefits that keep you perked up and ready to go. Hydrant does all of this,without any unnecessary additives, so it really tastes like you’re drinking water with fresh lime, grapefruit, or blood orange.

Don’t wait until thirst hits before you realize you need to consume more water. With Hydrant rapid hydration mix, you can be sure to consume around a half-gallon of water, and avoid the risk of dehydration. Take it in the morning to jump-start your day, or before your workout to achieve maximum results in the gym.

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