"He has refused to come and share any of that information."

Out of this World

That outlandish UFO whistleblower never came in to talk to the Pentagon's UFO office, the department's outgoing chief is claiming.

In a new interview with Politico, Sean Kirkpatrick, the outgoing head of the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said that try as he might, he hasn't been able to talk to David Grusch, an Air Force veteran and former military intelligence official who has some pretty wild allegations about the government's knowledge of aliens.

"Grusch is a unique instance," Kirkpatrick said, "in that he has refused to come and share any of that information."

Over the summer, the whistleblower made headlines when he told Congress during its unprecedented UFO hearings that the United States has conducted a massive, decades-long coverup of its knowledge of extraterrestrial life and technology. In his testimony, Grusch went so far as to claim that the US government is in possession of said alien tech and has even reverse-engineered it for its own ends — which sounds more like something out of an "X-Files" episode from the 1990s than a front-page newspaper story.

He Said, He Said

Unsurprisingly, Kirkpatrick and other experts, including regretful space traveler William Shatner, shredded the whistleblower's sci-fi-esque claims — though in a hearing just before his resignation, the ex-AARO head did admit that Grusch's claims may contain some  "events that really happened."

In spite of what sounds like significant interest, Kirkpatrick said that the AARO under his leadership was ultimately unable to get Grusch in for interviews about his claims.

"We still can’t get him to come in," the outgoing AARO director said. "We’re about to put out Volume One of the historical review, which I believe captures most all of the people that he’s spoken with, but I can’t say that 100 percent because I can’t hear what he thinks he has."

Grusch, for his part, told NewsNation before Kirkpatrick's resignation that the AARO had not reached out to him and was lying about their efforts.

"I have zero emails or calls from them," Grusch said. "That is a lie."

All the same, it seems like the whistleblower may be the one that got away from Kirkpatrick.

"If [Grusch] has evidence," the defense intelligence veteran told Politico, "I need to know what that is."

It looks like "Dr. K," as he was known to his team at the Department of Defense, won't be the one to get that information out of Grusch — and given the whistleblower's own stubborn posturing, it's unclear if anyone at the Pentagon will be able to, either.

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