If the evidence is there, why is it still hidden?

Extraordinary Claims

Remember all that buzz about the UFO whistleblower who testified before Congress last week that the government had alien carcasses? According to an actual alien hunter, those claims have some serious issues.

In an editorial for MSNBC, SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak noted, rightfully, that military intelligence whistleblower David Grusch's bold allegations about the Pentagon collecting downed alien spacecraft and bodies feel hollow with zero corroborating evidence.

"That is a truly extraordinary claim, begging for extraordinary evidence," Shostak wrote. "But where is the evidence?"

If such compelling evidence existed, the astronomer argued, "thousands of scientists would be fighting one another to study it."

Instead, Grusch and countless other believers claim that verifiable proof of extraterrestrial life and technology has been hidden by the government for reasons unknown. Sure, maybe — but until we see it, it's hard to get too excited.

More Evidence, Please

Meanwhile, Shostak argued, even if the US government or others were suppressing evidence of ETs, the thousands of satellites orbiting Earth would have captured videos or photos of them by now.

While there could indeed be a conspiracy to cover up evidence of aliens that for some reason keep visiting the United States, it's hard to see why it would still be going on, Shostak posited. Nevertheless, he wrote, "this theory is even prevalent in the halls of Congress, as evidenced by this week’s testimony."

All said, the SETI astronomer who is himself very much a believer in alien life said that it simply doesn't add up that the government would — or could — keep the ruse up this long.

"I still strongly maintain that alien visitation is not something that could be kept secret," he wrote. "The size of such a secret is just too big."

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