Musk awarded Bezos with a "silver medal."

Silver Medal

On the heels of his wealth ballooning past Jeff Bezos’, Elon Musk decided to poke a little fun at his favorite online punching bag on Twitter with an emoji.

The Tesla CEO responded to a tweet from Bezos on Monday morning with a silver medal emoji. This comes after Bloomberg reported that Musk’s net worth grew to the tune of $222 billion while the Amazon CEO’s worth stood at a mere $190.8 billion. 

Rival Billionaires

This is just the latest pot shot from Musk at his arch rival who has been… less than subtle about his disdain for the Blue Origin founder.  

Meanwhile, Bezos has taken a bit more of an indirect approach to his frustrations with Musk, forgoing the Twitter jabs and settling for tactics like secretly obsessing over SpaceX’s aerospace dominance and suing NASA for contentious contracts

While he might not say it, the silver medal emoji (which hilariously was responding to a completely unrelated post) is likely going to further irk Bezos — despite what he might virtue signal later. 

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