Well, that settles it.

Not True

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter today — where else? — to quell rumors that he intends to build his own private airport in central Texas.

"Not true," he tweeted at the Texas outlet My San Antonio.

"Tesla is five mins from Austin International airport," he wrote, adding that it "would be silly to build another private airport, however the existing commercial airport needs another runway, as Austin is growing fast!"

The rumor, which made its rounds on multiple outlets, alleged that the billionaire entrepreneur was to construct the exclusive runway near Bastrop, Texas, a small town that's about 40 minutes east of Austin by car.

But as Musk so bluntly points out, these rumors appear to be wrong — perhaps, a reminder that we shouldn't take everything we hear about the richest man in the world at face value.

Not a Lonestar State

Musk has made Texas his home base both personally and professionally. The billionaire and his multiple companies began a dramatic exit from California back in 2020, with Musk citing frustrations over pandemic restrictions, regulatory woes, and taxation as reason for the big move.

As of now, most of his operations — Tesla HQ and SpaceX's Starbase, to name a few — are located in or around Austin, with more Musk-owned endeavors spotted throughout the state.

It's also true that he's not the only notable figure who's flocked to the buzzy town. Some notable names, including fellow billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal with Elon Musk, have relocated to the booming Southern city, while major tech organizations like Amazon and Oracle have established a massive presence there as well.

In other words, he might be right about the fact that Austin "is growing fast."

Regardless, between raising kids, getting humanity to Mars, and taking Twitter to court, Musk probably has too much on his plate to worry about building a new airport.

But hey, celebrities sure love their private airfare, so it wasn't exactly a big stretch.

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