Hold onto your rapidly accelerating, non-locomoting feet — Segway is back with a new product: Segway skates.

Yes, seriously.

As Fast Company reported, the company best known for making tourists stand out even more hilariously has met its crowdfunding goal for The Drift W1, a pair of self-balancing e-skates. In fact, the Indiegogo campaign raised almost 30 times its funding goal, with two weeks to spare.


Wondering where Segway has been over the past few years? Well, the company's actually been around, making a decent bit of money after being purchased by Ninebot, a Beijing robotics company that makes little self-balancing helper bots.


Let’s not ignore the extremely dumb-looking elephant in the room. If you thought scooters were annoying, just wait until the sidewalks are flooded by bros zipping around on their high-tech Heelys. Segway plans on shipping The Drift W1 to Indiegogo backers in October. The company is hoping to capitalize on the hoverboard craze, though at a retail price of $499 (a hoverboard typically runs about $200) it’s unclear if these skates can ever become as popular.

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