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For decades, the world has turned to the Frankfurt Motor Show to catch a glimpse of the latest the automotive industry has to offer. Yesterday marked the start of this year's event, and BMW kicked things off with a bang, revealing a new all-electric sedan that might give Tesla's Model 3 a run for its money.

The veteran German automaker is calling their new creation the i Vision Dynamics, and it's a beauty. Though still just a concept, according to BMW's website, they envision the vehicle having specs that rival those of a Tesla: "a possible range of 600 km (373 miles), over 200 km/h (120 mph) top speed, and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.0 seconds."

Image credit: Frankfurt Motor Show

This four-door Gran Coupé isn't BMW's first EV, though. Back in 2013, the company launched the i3 as part of their "i series," which also included the plug-in hybrid i8. However, both were niche models and few were sold.

Image credit: BMW

The i Vision, on the other hand, is positioned between the i3 and i8, landing right smack in the middle of BMW's flagship sporty sedan style. “Electro-mobility has reached the heart of our brand,” BMW board member Klaus Frölich said at the motor show, according to WIRED. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are prepared to strike.”

The Evolving EV Market

For a long time, Tesla has arguably been the leader in the EV market. While the Tesla Model S set the standard for the luxury EV, the company's latest car — the Model 3 — is designed for a larger consumer base.

However, Tesla's position at the top of the pack is now being challenged by a number of automobile industry heavyweights, many of whom are focused on both the high-end and economy markets.

Image credit: BMW

Porsche and Audi are planning on releasing high-end EVs, and Ford has promised to go all-electric soon. Meanwhile, Volkswagen is keen on dominating the EV stage by 2025.

Nissan also has a moderately priced EV set for release in 2018 (the vehicle's range won't match that of the Model 3, though), and BMW is now looking to enter both the luxury EV and economy EV markets.

Image credit: BMW

At the very least, Tesla's vehicles appear to have been inspirational for the rest of the auto industry.

Even if the BMW i Vision Dynamics and all these other EVs can't usurp the company's position in the EV market, one thing is clear: electric cars are the future of clean energy transportation. EVs are positioned to dominate the roads eventually, and the more options drivers have, the sooner that's likely to happen.

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