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Put The Solar System In Your Living Room With These Celestial Lamps

Sadly we can't sleep under the stars every night, but we can bring the light of the moon with us with these deals on Original Moon Lamps

3. 27. 21 by Futurism Creative
Image by StackCommerce

The moon is many things to us. It’s an object of poetry, a celestial body, a potential storage unit for all human knowledge. Yet before it was that, it was a source of light, a tradition these moon lamps continue.

The Original Moon Lamp ($48.99, 9% Off)

Pictured above, the lamp that started it all is crafted from NASA’s moon imagery. It can easily toggle between white and golden light from its LEDs, with a dimmer to set the mood. It’s wireless and rechargeable as well, with a variety of sizes, from 6 inches to 9.5 inches, making it easy to fit into any room. Normally $54, it’s $48.99, 9% off.

Get The Original Moon Lamp for $48.99 (reg. $54), a savings of 9%.

“Love You To The Moon And Back” Moon Lamp ($39, 13% Off)

If you love someone who loves astronomy, tell them with a moon lamp. It’s just just like the original, except with a loving message imprinted on it.


Get the “Love You To The Moon And Back” Original Moon Lamp for $39 (reg. $45), a savings of 13%.

16 Color Moon Lamp ($48, 12% Off)

Most people don’t realize it, but the Moon comes in a wide range of colors thanks to how its light refracts through the atmosphere. This Moon Lamp makes recreating those colors as simple as using an app.

Get The Original 16 Color Moon Lamp™ for $48 (reg. $55), a savings of 12%.

The Original Earth Lamp

This unique globe reproduces the Earth’s actual surface using 3D printing and the latest NASA imagery. It’s perfect for learning about geography, or as a unique piece for globe collectors. Put the world in your hands for just $44.


Get The Original Earth Lamp™ for $44 (reg. $50), a savings of 12%.

The Original Jupiter Lamp

If you want to leave Earth’s orbit, head to the largest planet in our solar system with the Jupiter Lamp. It has all the features of the Moon Lamp, including being designed with the latest imagery of the gas giant.

Get The Original Jupiter Lamp™ for $44 (reg. $50), a savings of 12%.

Prices subject to change.


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