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New Company Unveils the Uber for People That Hate Smartphones

Grandma has a new way to get to bingo night.

Technology is becoming more complex by the day. Millennials can barely keep up with the changes– let alone the growing elderly population. Should this aging group be excluded from services such as Uber and Lyft? These rideshare companies have cemented their position as the future of transportation.

So why can’t grandma and grandpa enjoy the convenience? Well, they might not have a smartphone.

But now, a start-up company, GoGoGrandparent, has developed a way for those without smartphones to still use on-demand services like Uber. The user simply has to call a phone number and select a pick up and drop off location from pre-recorded options. Rides can be scheduled or requested on demand.

Family members can even stay informed about grandma’s travels thanks to smartphone text message updates:

The company can also send texts to loved ones with the status of riders.

Justin Booogaard, co-founder of GoGoGrandparent, had the idea when his grandmother told him she wanted to use Uber, but can’t. So she told him to create a company that could let her use it, then boom! GoGoGrandparent was born.

Although it costs a bit more than Uber, it definitely is a small price to pay for the added mobility and freedom.

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