We are right in the thick of the holiday shopping season, and for most of us, that means buying gifts for loved ones. And normally, some of those loved ones are a little easier to shop for than others. But if you happen to be looking for a unique necklace or bracelet for the science or history lover on your list, Mini Museum has you covered. That's because Mini Museum specializes in selling rare, miniature specimens and artifacts—ancient and modern, natural and man-made—at a price that's affordable to everyone. And the following museum-worthy necklaces and bracelets are no exception.

The Asteroid Belt Solar System Bracelet

Mini Museum

This Asteroid Belt Solar System Bracelet contains real fragments from the Asteroid Belt dating back some 4,500,000,000 years. That’s in addition to the array of other semi-precious stones that were selected to represent the other bodies in our solar system: The Sun (Citrine), Mercury (Black Labradorite), Venus (Riverstone), Earth (Lapis Lazuli), the Moon (Silver Crazy Lace Agate), Mars (Red Malachite), Jupiter (Botswana Agate), Saturn (Honey Tiger Eye), Uranus (Amazonite), Neptune (Angelite), Pluto (Picture Jasper), and the Universe beyond (Obsidian). As for the asteroid pieces, they’re a mixture of howardite, eucrite, diogenite, all taken from an impact basin on the southern hemisphere of the Belt’s second-largest asteroid: Vesta.

It’s a real piece of space-borne craftsmanship and makes the perfect gift for the space lover in your life.

The Dracula Soil Vial and Silver Necklace

Mini Museum

Those acquainted with vampire lore are aware that vampires like Dracula require their native soil to survive. On the other hand, silver is like poison to any blood-drinking immortal. Which means that no real vampire would ever wear this Silver Necklace adorned by a small handcrafted glass vial of “Dracula Soil,” or earth taken from Cetatea Poenari, one of the known stomping grounds of Vlad Tepes III, Prince of Wallachia (better known as the historical basis for Count Dracula).

If you know any vampire enthusiasts, this could be the perfect gift for them. Quantities are limited, though, so if you’re interested, you better act now.

The Mummy Beads Necklace

Mini Museum

The most prestigious item in this trio of Mini Museum rarities is the Mummy Beads Necklace. It’s available in three different styles, all made with ceramic beads that were made by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. Gold or silver necklaces sporting one-of-a-kind assortments of disc-shaped beads in multiple colors are available for either $139 or $129. And for $99 you can get a gold chain and single barrel-shaped blue bead (pictured above), all crafted to last through eternity via the techniques of ancient Egypt. If you know any amateur Egyptologists or Mummy fans this is a great opportunity to brighten their holiday season in style.

So if you’re lucky enough to know someone interested in space, vampires, or ancient Egypt, or better yet someone who’s into all three, you can get your holiday shopping done right now at Mini Museum.

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