Traditionally, investing in fine art has been a financial strategy reserved only for the wealthy. But for most people, art investing comes with some significant drawbacks. For one thing, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find a buyer at the price you’re looking for, a particularly serious problem if you’re in need of liquidity. And of course, unless you happen to stumble upon a lost work by a master at a garage sale (possible, but not likely), a painting worth enough to be a good investment tends to be prohibitively expensive to begin with. But there’s a new way to invest in art that emphasizes the investment over the art: It’s called Masterworks.

If you’re interested in art as a financial investment, Masterworks is the ideal way to do it. Once you secure an invitation to Masterworks, you can start investmenting in a plethora of paintings, all of which have been selected for maximum potential price appreciation.

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Masterworks: Art Investing Made Easy

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You might not know it, but artworks like the ones selected and curated for investment by Masterworks tend to historically be solid hedges against inflation. According to research on the subject, contemporary art prices in particular tend to benefit from falling interest rates and help provide protection in an inflationary environment, which some analysts say we’re headed towards now.

One of the key words in investing in art with Masterworks is liquidity. Where traditionally art as an investment has poor liquidity, you can try to buy and sell shares of your art through Masterworks' Secondary Market any time you wish.

Masterworks selects and acquires “blue chip” works of art from major auction houses, private collectors, and established galleries. The focus is on artwork representative of each artist’s mature style, so that they have a better chance to increase in value based on historical appreciation rates as well as an established track record of multiple multi-million-dollar sales annually. Put simply: no investment is 100-percent guaranteed, but the paintings available for investment on Masterworks are specifically selected to hopefully be as secure as art investment can get.

Masterworks finds artists with strong historical appreciation and securitizes the best examples of their art by creating holding entities and selling securities to the public. This allows you to receive any pro rata proceeds if and when the painting sells (net of fees) -- and of course you also have the option to try and sell off your shares on their secondary market.

Masterworks is available by invitation only, but if you’re ready to diversify your portfolio and give art investment a try, you can request an invitation at the official Masterworks site right here.

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