We’ve all heard about what a great investment art can be, and how the right painting can appreciate so much value over time. But you generally have to have a lot of money in order to enjoy those benefits -- or at least that was the case before Masterworks was introduced to the world. It's an innovative art investing platform that lets almost anyone enjoy the financial benefits of investing in art. Once you get an invitation to be a part of Masterworks, you can begin purchasing shares of some of the most acclaimed and valuable paintings on the market, all specially selected and curated for maximum earnings potential.

Artwork can be a great hedge against inflation, and research on the historical rises and falls of the art market show that art prices tend to go up as interest rates go down. This makes the right paintings a smart investment in inflationary environments, which economic indicators show we’re entering now. And by selling shares in some of the most valuable paintings in existence, Masterworks opens up investment opportunities previously only available to the wealthy to a much wider section of the population.

Masterworks: Art Investing Reimagined

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But art as an investment also has downsides, and not just the fact that you might get tired of looking at the same painting on your wall day after day. For instance, the true market value of your investment is dependent upon finding a buyer for that particular painting, which can be easier said than done and subject to a lot of different unknown and constantly changing variables. Shares purchased on Masterworks, on the other hand, are set up to be a high-liquidity asset that you can buy or sell any time you want, using the Masterworks Secondary Market to buy or sell shares before the painting in question is sold and the profits divided up among its shareholders.

That’s basically how the Masterworks platform works: investors buy shares in specially selected paintings, and when the time is right, they get the proceeds from the eventual sale. Every painting available for investment is a “blue chip” work acquired from major auction houses, private collectors, and established galleries, with a focus on paintings that are particularly representative of their painter’s mature style. This gives the works a better chance to increase in value based on historical appreciation rates as well as an established track record of multiple multi-million-dollar sales annually. Even though no investment opportunity can be considered 100-percent dependable, the paintings available for investment on Masterworks are about as financial dependable as you can get in the art market.

Right now, Masterworks is available by invitation only, but anyone who’s interested in diversifying their investment portfolios can request an invite online now. So if you’re ready to give art investment a try, head over to Masterworks and get your invitation as soon as possible.

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