Investing in single-family rental properties is a pretty good deal if you can afford to do it. They can provide a steady stream of revenue from rent and a decent hedge against whatever the future might hold. However, in addition to the capital requirements of such an investment, buying and maintaining such properties has historically been a world-class hassle. But with a real estate investment platform called Roofstock, buying (and selling) single-family rental properties is easier than it’s ever been at any point in history.

Roofstock was founded in 2015 to make the process of investing in real estate “radically simple.” Since then, they’ve developed a comprehensive online marketplace that has streamlined and simplified the steps necessary to find just the right rental property for your specific needs, with properties that have been selected and curated with the aid of an advanced AI algorithm. One of the marketplace’s killer apps is the “neighborhood score” that is attached to each and every listing you’ll find on Roofstock, and which include data from a variety of different sources that, in the old days before Roofstock existed, you would have had to consult separately. Instead, you can find all the information you need, which could have taken days or weeks to hunt down, in one convenient place.

Roofstock: The Best Way to Buy and Sell Rental Real Estate Online

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Roofstock is also a great way to browse listings across the country, no matter where you live. Unless you have a specific desire to own rental property in your city or state, there’s no reason you can’t collect rent from a property or properties located anywhere in the country, and Roofstock makes the process as simple and convenient as it can be.

Even after you find the property you want and your bid is accepted, Roofstock still isn’t done guiding you through your real estate investment journey. The common hazards and pitfalls associated with escrow and closing will be as painless as possible, and Roofstock can even connect you with the right property management company if you’re not planning (or able) to handle the property’s day-to-day business on your own.

If you’re thinking about adding a rental property or two to your investment portfolio, browsing the Roofstock online marketplace is the perfect way to find just the right one for you. But there are a couple of additional selling points that make investing through Roofstock a no-brainer. First, there’s the platform’s “Lease Up Guarantee,” which states that if a property you purchase through Roofstock (many of which already have paying tenants living in them now) doesn’t have a paying occupant within 45 days of closing, Roofstock will cover the rent for up to a year. Then there’s the 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you a month to change your mind about whatever property you buy -- not something you’re likely to find elsewhere on the real estate market.

Roofstock is the best way to find and buy rental properties online, so it’s only logical that it’s the best place to sell them too. So whether you have a single-family rental property you’re looking to sell, or you’re looking to invest, head over to Roofstock now for more details and to get started.

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