Just like everything else in this world of ours, real estate investing has historically had two different sets of rules. There are the rules that regular people have to abide by, and then the special set of rules for ultra-wealthy investors. However, changing laws and advancing tech has leveled the real estate playing field. Thanks to platforms like DiversyFund, everyday investors can now diversify their holdings and plan for their futures in ways that were never possible before.

Any financial advisor will tell you that it’s imperative to diversify if you want your money to work for you. One standard formula calls for roughly 30-percent bonds and 70-percent stocks. But do you think billionaires keep to such a formula? Of course not. For at least the past few decades, the ultra-wealthy class has been putting an estimated 30 percent of their own investment assets into a commodity that’s less volatile and more lucrative than stocks: real estate. And with platforms like DiversyFund, you no longer have to be a billionaire to benefit from that dependability and profitability.

DiversyFund: Closing the Real Estate Investment Wealth Gap

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DiversyFund allows for large scale, billion-dollar real estate investments to be broken up into smaller, more manageable shares. Think of it as like crowdfunding, but for real estate investing. The platform was designed to allow practically anyone to enjoy the benefits of real estate investing, and in its own way, close the wealth gap between billionaire real estate investors and everyday people. With this simple but powerful investment platform, you can invest in Real Estate Investing Trusts, or REITs, managed by experts according to a three-step money making strategy.

Step 1: DiversyFund acquires multifamily apartment complexes that are already occupied and generating revenue, but which are also in need of improvements.

Step 2: DiversyFund completes the necessary renovations, which in turn generates increased revenue through increasing rent, a process that continues until conditions are right for a profitable liquidation.

Step 3: DiversyFund sells the complex, returns the principal investments, and distributes the profits.

It might sound too simple to be a sound investment strategy, but it’s got a proven track record. DiversyFund’s historical return rate is an average of 17.5 percent. And since DiversyFund itself owns and operates all the properties you can invest in through the platform, there are no middlemen and no fees.

Closing the wealth gap may seem like an unlikely goal for a real estate investment platform, but DiversyFund has taken it quite seriously. Where other comparable platforms have barriers to investment like net worth or credit requirements, all you need to get started with DiversyFund is the $500 minimum investment -- there are no other eligibility requirements whatsoever.

With all that in mind, you’re probably pretty excited about investing in real estate with DiversyFund. To get started, head over to the platform’s official site now, and say goodbye to the old-fashioned real estate playbook and invest like a billionaire.

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